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New Microman Series

1982 Micro Robot & Micro Borg


Micro Robot & Micro Borg

Microman Series



Microman Zone
First year of included the Founder Microman, Micro Kit Machines and Conning Tower.



Project Victory
Second year saw more Microman and several new sub series such as the Acroyears, Titans and Victory series.



Spy Magician

The line finally came into its own during the third year with new figures and the classic Microman Transfer Fortress.



A watershed year for Microman series, this year saw some of the best toys for the line. 



Police Keeper

Takara tried new design and direction for the series with the released of Hoodman and Arden. 



Rescue Team
Takara "rescue" attempt for the line with the Rescue Team Microman.  This year also saw updated of the old favorite like the New Tower Base.



Punch & Blizzard Man
The last year of the original series saw the shift in the line to more robot like look and larger figures.


New Microman Series



New Microman
Takara reset the line and relaunch the series under the New Microman banner.



Micro Robot
Micro Robot series became the main focus of the new line.  Takara also tried to cash in on the "pla-mo" popularity with Real Type and Micro Borg.



Micro Change
The "transformation" for Microman series began with the Micro Change series.




Takara continued with the successful Micro Change series but the changing of the guard was inevitable.


The concentration for second year of New Microman was the new Micro Borg and more Micro Robots.  Micro Borg was a pseudo "replacement" for Microman Titan of the old series. These new Micro Borg had removable limbs that were interchangeable with their "plastic model kit" sidekick figures.  Micro Borg were not very popular and only three were released.  Takara released several more Micro Robot for the series - Micro Robot W which interchangeable with Micro Borg and Micro Robot 7 another large combiner toy. This year also see Takara attempted to merge the Microman line with plastic model kit (pla-mo) that were beginning to gain in popularity among kids and young adults. They provided "painting" scheme and instructions on how to paint the Microman toys to be more "model and realistic-like". Takara also released "Remodeling Project" series, a plastic kit version of the Battle Suit. This year Takara, also introduced "real type" Micro Robot and vehicles, a recolor versions of the toys with more tone down colors to follow the new emerging trend of portraying the "mecha" in a more "realistic" way much like the popular shows of the time (Gundum, Macross etc.)  Takara released last year Micro Robot series Micro Robot 1-2-3 and Micro Robot V in this "Real Type" colors.

The second year playset and vehicles were again limited to just few series, all of which revolved around the powered armored suits theme.  Takara released two transformable armored suits named Double Cannon and Galac Sniper.  Both suits had similar designs and can transform into "battle tank" for Microman figure.  Each suit also contain "kit" parts that can be used to customize the suit and made it look more realistic.  Beside these two armored suits, Takara also released a larger size transformable Armored Suit called Bull Sonic. Bull Sonic was armored suit that can transformed into a jet.  The suit also came with kit added on parts for customization.  Armored Suit DX Bull Sonic also had a companion piece called Armored Machine Cosmic Fighter.  Cosmic Fighter was an "Interchangeables" jet that can transform into various mode using "building block" style connection much like the old line.  Cosmic Fighter was probably the last of the truly "interchangeable" toys from Microman series. Bull Sonic can be mount on to Armored Machine which then act as carrier unit for the suit.  These two toys were probably some of the best toys to come out from the New Microman series.



The Acroyears got a new series ,the Acro-Satan, which had slight "twist" of being the only "bendy" Microman figures to be release by Takara.  Takara also showed another villain called Acro-Devil in many of the catalog's drawings but the toy itself was never produced.


Micro Borg

  Cosmo Inazuma (Red Micro Borg)
  Cosmo Plasma (Blue Micro Borg)
  Cosmo Spark (Green Micro Borg)


Micro Robot
Micro Robot W R9

  Hurricane Red

  Hurricane Blue

  Hurricane Green

Micro Robot W R10

  Typhoon Red

  Typhoon Blue
  Typhoon Green


Micro Robot W R11

  Cyclone Red

  Cyclone Blue

  Cyclone Green

Micro Robot W Box Set 

   Set of three R9-R11


Micro Robot 7 : Three Walker Set

  R12 Micro Centurion

  R13 Micro Ranger

  R14 Micro Guyana

  (with Microman M002 Iriya)

Micro Robot 7 : Four Walker Set

  R15 Micro Leone

  R16 Micro Savannah

  R17 Micro Tornado

  R18 Micro Pulsar

  (with Microman M003 Uri)

Micro Robot 7 : 7-2-1 Formation Set

  R12-R18 (with M004 Eiji)


Acroyear Series

  Satan Black

  Satan Red
  Satan Blue


Real Type Series


Micro Robot 1 R1 Gordon 

  City Type

  Mountain Type

  Forest Type

Micro Robot 2 R2 Galac

  City Type

  Mountain Type
  Forest Type


Micro Robot 3 R3 Flash 

  City Type

  Mountain Type

  Forest Type


Micro Robot V Real Type Box set

  R4 - R8 Real Type Scheme


Remodeling Project Series
  Mighty Suit 1

  Mighty Suit 2

  Mighty Suit 3



Armored Machine
  Cosmic Fighter with M008


Armored Suits 
  Double Cannon Red with M005
  Double Cannon Blue with M005

  Galac Sniper Red with M004
  Galac Sniper Blue with M004


Armored Suits DX
  BulSonic Red with M009
  BulSonic Blue with M009

  BulSonic Real Type with M009