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2000 LED Power Microman Series
Premium and Exclusive Editions

Microman Event Exclusive (1/00)
Gold LaserArthur

PlayStation Prize (2/00)
Blue MagneArthur

Toys R Us Exclusive (4/00)
DarkSaber MicroBoy with Laser Dark Microman

BomBom Prize (6/00)
GreenArrow  MicroBoy (100 prize)

Toys R Us Exclusive (8/00)
Hyper Speeder and Tornado Bison Micro Bikes Set with Master Laser Arthur and Laser Shakunetsu

Secret Breast Promotion Prize (9/00)
Dark Trailer with LaserDark (100 Prizes)       

Flame Trailer with Laser Edison (50 Prizes) 

Shining Promotion Prize (11/00)
Perfect Shining Arthur Gold (100 prizes)

Gold Rocket Base (50 prizes)

Toys R Us Exclusive (1/1/01)
Perfect Shining LaserDark

Again, this year Takara plan several exclusive for the LED Powers line.  Thought the list is a lot smaller partly because of the scale down of the new Microman line.

The first premium is the Microman Blue MangeArthur from PlayStation game.  The figure is a prize for drawing using entry form from the game and stamp from BomBom comic.   The second premium came with little pre-announcement - a special gold version of LaserArthur.   The figure was offered at special one day only Microman Event on Sunday, January 30th.  The third premium is a green version of MicroBoy which will be a prize for BomBom drawing.  There's also rumor of a red version MicroBoy to be giving out as a prize in the upcoming Microman decathalon.   Takara also plan another MicroBoy exclusive call DarkSaber for ToysRUs store.

This year Takara again promoted each new sub-series releases with promotional prizes.  As promotional prize for MicroBoy, Takara plan to give-away 100 special green color MicroBoys - Green Arrow.   For Secret Breaster Campaign Promotion, Takara offered black version of Micro Trailer (Dark Trailer) and red version of Micro Trailer (Flame Trailer).

At the event Takara also put on the display the premiums from last year including BomBom prize AcroStation and Ghost Robotman Ace.  On displayed also was an all black version of President LaserAcroyer.  Picture below is courtesy of Mr. Minoru Sashida of Oriental Technology from Microman Event (Jan. 30, 2000)  

Top: green MicroBoy, Ghost Robotman Ace, black Laser President Acroyer and AcroStation.  Middle: Sata-ke, Clear Keith, Arden Cold, DemonYellow, DemonPurple & DemonClear. Bottom: Shakunetsu, Blue Arthur, Clear Arthur, Clear Kirk, DemonPink & DemonBlack.