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Microman 2004 Series

Microman Material Force Series


Microman 2004




Series 1  - Reissued (2/04)

M-01 Obsidian (Black)

M-02 Cloud (White)

M-03 Rover (Flesh)

M-04 Core (Red)


Series 2 (4/28/04)
M-05 Sur (Yellow)


Series 3 (7/21/04)
M-06 Turso (Blue)


Series 4 (9/16/04)
M-07 Spinat (Green)


Series 5 (12/7/04)
M-08 Tristis (Cool Gray)


Series 6 (12/28/04)

Microlady Material Force
ML-01 Weiss (White-S)

ML-02 Froid (White-M)

ML-03 Lawine (White-L)


ML-04 Stella (Black-S)

ML-05 Wega (Black-M)

ML-06 Nova (Black-L)


ML-07 Crescent (Yellow-S)

ML-08 Lune (Yellow-M)

ML-09 Selene (Yellow-L)





Microman Material Force Toys R Us Exclusive (10/03)

Test Market Edition

Microman Cloud (white)

Microman Rover (flesh)

Microman Core (red)

Microman Obsidian (black)


Material Force Special Edition Microman - SDCC 2004 Exclusive (7/22/04)

Micro Trainer Machine


Lady Material Force Biomachine Campaign Promotion Mail-away (11/04)
Lady Material Force (Flesh)


Microman 2004


Time has flown by since the birth of Microman in 1974. Now, in 2004, he has returned to us in a new form. We entrust him to the care of those who have a child's heart in order to explore the unforeseeable future.


Official Microman Website

Takara official site for Microman 2004



With the success of new Microman Force and Tatsunoko Fight!, Takara in late 2003 released series of four "core" blank figures called Material Force which based on Microman 2003 body for fans to make their own "custom" Microman figure. The set came in four different colors - white, flesh tone, red and black and were sold exclusively at Japanese Toys R Us stores.  The figures were released in limited number as test run to gauge fans interest in this type of products.  Material Force figures completely sold out and was a remarkable success. Surprisingly these blank custom fodder figures were also given names and background story and became "official" part of the Microman line-up (which probably help fuel the sale as they were not sold as just generic body figures but fully as part of new Microman Force line)

In 2004, Takara released second run of the first series Material Force figure in Feb. 2004. These were also quickly sold out. The 2nd run set can be differentiate by the added 30th Anniversary logo on the box top and extra folded sheet of Microman catalog inside. As with the first series, these were sold exclusively at Toys R Us store (in Japan). In April, Takara added the fifth member and this time they also gave the series its own designation number (M-0X).  Takara promised more Material Forces color in the future including clear plastic versions to the delight of many fans who love to customize their own Microman.

2nd Run of Material Force can be distinguished by the present of Microman 30th Anniversary logo.