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Microman 2005 Series

Microman Material Force


Microman 2005



Microlady Material Force

WHITE (12/28/04)

ML-01 Microlady Weiss (S)

ML-02 Microlady Froid (M)

ML-03 Microlady Lawine (L)


Microlady Material Force

BLACK (12/28/04)

ML-04 Microlady Stella (S)

ML-05 Microlady Wega (M)

ML-06 Microlady Nova (L)


Microlady Material Force

YELLOW (12/28/04)

ML-07 Microlady Crescent (S)

ML-08 Microlady Lune (M)

ML-09 Microlady Selene (L)


Microman Material Force

BLUE (3/26/05)

M-09 Microman Mer


Microlady Material Force

LIGHT BLUE (3/26/05)

ML-10 Microlady Aire (S)

ML-11 Microlady Wind (M)

ML-12 Microlady Ciel (L)


Microlady Material Force

PINK (3/26/05)

ML-13 Microlady Cerasus (S)

ML-14 Microlady Rosa (M)

ML-15 Microlady Cereza (L)


Microlady Material Force

FLESH (4/16/05)

ML-16 Microlady (S)

ML-17 Microlady Colline (M)

ML-18 Microlady Cannon (L)


Microlady Material Force

REISSUED 2005 (7/05)

M-01 Microman Obsidian

M-02 Microman Cloud

M-03 Microman Rover

M-04 Microman Core

M-05 Microman Sur

M-07 Microman Spinat

M-08 Microman Tristis


Microlady Material Force

L-PLUS (8/13/05)

ML-19 Microlady Nix (White L+)

ML-20 Microlady Polar (Black L+)

ML-21 Microlady Pesca (Pink L+)

ML-22 Microlady Berg (Flesh L+)


Microman Material Force

DARK PURPLE (8/13/2005)

M-10 Microman Ogre


Microlady Material Force

NAVY BLUE (8/13/2005)

ML-27 Microlady Piscine (S)

ML-28 Microlady Piscina (M)

ML-29 Microlady Aura (L)

ML-30 Microlady ?? (L+)


Microman Material Force

BROWN (8/27/2005)

M-11 Microman Sol


Microlady Material Force

BROWN (8/27/2005)

ML-23 Microlady Calor (S)

ML-24 Microlady Dune (M)

ML-25 Microlady Litus (L)

ML-26 Microlady Equater (L+)


Microman Material Force

WARM RED (12/28/2005)

M-12 Microman Llama


Microlady Material Force

RED (12/28/2005)

ML-31 Microlady Vulcano (M)

ML-32 Microlady Crator (L)


Microlady Material Force

LIGHT FLESH (1/1/2006)

ML-33 Microlady Mite (S)

ML-34 Microlady Sereno (M)

ML-35 Microlady Climat (L)

ML-36 Microlady Natura (L+)


Microlady Material Force

COOL GREY (2/2006)

ML-37 Microlady (S)

ML-38 Microlady (M)

ML-39 Microlady (L)

ML-40 Microlady (L+)





M-01 Obsidian (BLACK)

M-02 Cloud (WHITE)

M-03 Rover (FLESH)

M-04 Core (RED)

M-05 Sur (YELLOW)

M-06 Turso (DARK BLUE)

M-07 Spinat (GREEN)

M-08 Tristis (COOL GREY)


*These were reissued in 2005 in the new packaging.




Material Force was series of plain Microman and Microlady Full Action Body in mono-color that gear for custom and kit-bash collectors who like to design their own figures. Material Force line was sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores in Japan. Takara continued the popular Material Force series for the 2005 Microman line-up with the newly added Microlady Material Force. The packaging for 2005 Material Force used the more simple style single color box instead of the colorful box from the 2003-2004 series. Another unfortunate omission for the 2005 series was the lack of bio and background character story. Takara still gave them individual name and designation (even for the breast size variants of the Microlady series) but sadly there were no longer background story inserts. Perhaps Takara felt it was alright to cut cost by using the simple packaging and forego the background story since most of these figures were mainly used for custom projects.


 Microman Material Force 2003-2004 Series (M-01 to M-08)

Various Special Edition of Microman Material Force (L-R : Training Machine, Massive, Tokyo Walker and Biomachine Campaign Flesh ML)