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Microman 2005 Series

Microman Micro Action Series


Microman 2005



Micro AVP (6/28/05)

MA-13 Alien Warrior

MA-14 Alien Queen

MA-15 Predator Elder

MA-16 Predator Scar

MA-17 Predator Celtic


Micro Batman Begins (7/29/05)

MA-18 Batman

MA-19 Ras'al-Ghul

MA-20 Samurai Batman (8/27/05)


Micro Goa Gai Gar (8/27/05)

MA-21 Shishioh Guy

MA-22 Mikoto Utsuki

MA-23 Swan White


Micro Votoms (9/05)

MA-24 Chirico Cuvie


Micro Evangelion Girls (10/05)

MA-25 Ayanami Rei 

MA-26 Asuka Langley




Micro Cutie Honey (9/2005)

MAEX-03 Cutie Honey with Cutie Honey DVD Box Set


Micro Street Fighters (9/05)

MAEX-04 Chun-li Vs. Sakura (2nd Player Versions)







ToyFare #97 (September 2005) features Microman Micro Action Series coverage with visual price guide. It's very nice to finally see Microman line being featured in US toys magazine.

TAKARA continues the popular Microman Micro Action Series for 2005 line up with diversify licenses from both movies and animes. The 2005 line-up started off with the much await Microman AVP line and continued on with another DC Comics Batman from the 2005 Batman Begins movie. For anime characters, this year TAKARA again looks into their own vault and produced Microman Chirico Cuvie from Votoms and Microman Goa Gai Gar including Guy, Mikoto and Swan.  For Go Nagai fans, this year expect a Microlady Cutie Honey which to be sold with DVD box set. For the latter half of 2005, TAKARA plan to release Evangelion girls - Rei and Asaka in their civilian outfits. But the most anticipating release for Micro Action will surely be the Micro Action Scopedog in 1/18 scale to be used with Micro Action Chirico Cuvie. Votoms Scopedog will be the first play-set for Micro Action line.