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Microman 2006 Series

Microman Material Force


Microman 2006



Microlady Material Force

LIGHT FLESH (1/1/2006)

ML-33 Microlady Mite (S)

ML-34 Microlady Sereno (M)

ML-35 Microlady Climat (L)

ML-36 Microlady Natura (L+)


Microlady Material Force

COOL GREY (2/2006)

ML-37 Microlady (S)

ML-38 Microlady (M)

ML-39 Microlady (L)

ML-40 Microlady (L+)


Microsister Material Force

WHITE (4/1/06)

MS-01 Sister Brina (S)

MS-02 Sister Eis (M)

MS-03 Sister Grandine (L)


Microsister Material Force

BLACK (4/1/06)

MS-04 Sister Merope (S)

MS-05 Sister Alcyone (M)

MS-06 Sister Maia (L)


Microsister Material Force


MS-07 Sister Felice (S)

MS-08 Sister Brillo (M)

MS-09 Sister Rousch (L)


Microsister Material Force

PINK (4/1/06)

MS-10 Sister Scheu (S)

MS-11 Sister Hesitation (M)

MS-12 Sister Caprice (L)


Microman Material Force

LIGHT BROWN (4/1/06)

M-13 Microman Roche




Top - Microsister Material Force MS-07, MS-08 & MS-09

Below - Microsister Material Force MS-10, MS-11 & MS-12

The figures come in the same packaging design as Microman and Microlady Material Force except the logo are pinks and slightly smaller



Microman Full Action Sister Body was introduced last year with the release of MicroSister series. The new body use all new design with some elements from the first two Full Action Body. Takara has eliminate a lot of unsightly joints and screw and the Sister Body consists mostly of peg style. Despite the smaller size the new design boost 36 points of articulations. Takara is planning a new Microlady body call "anime type" which will utilize the same construction as Sister body.





Material Force is a series of plain body Microman 200X figures in various colors released by TAKARA but sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores in Japan. This year the line expands to include Microsister Material Force. The new Sister Full Action body come in three chest size (S, M, and L) and the initial line-up include white, black, pink and light yellow. For 2006, Takara also add more colors to the ever growing line of these plain figures. The series is catered to the new growing sector of action-figure collector who customize their own figures.


Microman Material Forces - front Microsister MF; back Microman and Microlady MF.