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Microman 2006 Series

Microman Series


Microman 2006



Microman Assassins Force Series (4/26/2006)

AF-11 Microman Shouma

AF-12 Microman Kyoushiro

AF-13 Microlady Yume


Acroyear XADO Series (4/26/2006)

AX-41 AcroHidou

AX-42 AcroMuzan

AL-41 AcroSetsuna


MicroLady 2 (9/06)

ML2-01 Microlady Marl

ML2-02 Microlady Eriss

AL-51 AcroGarula

AL-52 AcroSpiria




Toys R Us Exclusive Material Force Special Edition (1/1/2006)

Kotobuki New Year Microman


Material Force Special Edition Custom Arms Parts Sets (2/22/2006)

Microman Crystal


TDP Exclusive Military Force (3/25/2006)

MF4-09 Noble Platinum

MF4-10 Navy Assassin


Toys R Us Exclusive Microman Special Two-pack Set (6/23/06)

MXV-01 Acro-Asura

MSV-01 MicroSister Hanne


Microman Ryukendo Z (10/06)

Ryukendo (Microman Ver.) with Ryukendo Anthology Book


Quanto Exclusive Microman Assassin Force Shadonized Version  (11/06)

AF-11S Shouma

AF-12S Kyoushiro

AF-13S Yume


Exclusive Microman Material Force Special Edition  (1/07)

"Wild Boar" New Year Microman



2006 marked a new chapter in Microman history. As of April 2006, Takara and Tomy completed the merger process that started last year. The new company is now known as "Takara-Tomy". While most of Microman 2006 toys are still being released with just Takara logo, the advertisements and website have already began using the new company name and logo.





Microman series returns in 2006 with several exclusive releases at the beginning of the year. These exclusives are simply repainted versions of Military Force and more of special Microman Material Force set. In April 2006, Takara simultaneously release both Microman Assassin Force series and Acroyear XADO series to mark the "official" 2006 line-up for Microman core line series. The Assassin and XADO look also to be main focus for the manga this year. (The old manga wrap-up the story last month and the new story arc will begin in May). Takara also plan new Microlady & Acrolady series for second quarter of 2006 and these most likely will feature the new "Ver. 2" of Microlady body. (Also known as Microlady Anime Version body). Takara also announce another special two-pack set which will features Acro-Asura and Microsister Hanna, the two winner of pick your Microman contest by Quanto (follow in the same tradition as "Falcon & Manon" set from last year and Jin & Xiang-ni from the year before).