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Microman 2006 Series

Microman Micro Action Series


Microman 2006



Micro Ryukendo (3/26/06)

MA-27 Ryukendo 

MA-28 Tsukaima


MA-31 Ryuguno (6/26/06)

MA-32 Ryujino (6/26/06)


Micro Evangelion (5/06)

MA-29 Ayanami Rei (Plug Suit) 

MA-30 Asuka Langley (Plug Suit)


Micro Votoms Series (9/06)

MA-35 Ypsilon


Micro Superman (7/23/06)

MA-33 Superman Returns

MA-34 Supergirl

MA-36 Superman (8/06)

MA-37 Superman Cyborg (9/06)


Dual Model Zwei (DMZ) Series

DMZ-01 1/18 Scale ATM-09ST   Scopedog with Chirico (3/26/06)


DMZ-02 1/18 Scale Strikedog with Ypsilon (10/06)



Micro Action Plus (MA+) Series

MAP-01 Fyana (Proto-1) with Didilium Capsule (6/06)



Micro Kinikuman (MK) Series

MK Series 1 (9/06)

  MK-01 Kinikuman

  MK-02 Ramenman

  MK-03 Warsman


MK Series 2 (12/06)

  MK-04 Blocken Jr.

  MK-05 Terryman

  MK-06 Robinmask




Micro Votoms Exclusive

MAEX-05 Mellowlink with Votoms Mellowlink DVD Set (12/06)




TAKARA Micro Action Series returns in 2006 with a big bang in the form of 1/18 scale Scopedog mecha from Armored Trooper Votoms series (c.1983-84). The toy is already consider to be one of the best rendition of Scopedog toy. This year Micro Action line-up is even more diverse than the previous year, beside more of DC characters, Superman (to tie in with the new Superman Returns movie) and Supergirl, TAKARA also release the first Micro Action Series figure to be base on tokukatsu TV show (Japanese live action show). The new series is from TAKARA-TOMY sponsor TV show called "The Madan Knight Ryukendo". (TAKARA also produce separate kid-specific toy line that go with the show). Eva girls also make a return with "plug suit" versions. (The plug suit are the suits that they wear when they pilot Evangelion mecha). Beside DMZ sub-series, Takara also start another Micro Action sub-line called Micro Action Plus (MA+) which begin with another Votoms figure along with play-set.


For the second half of 2006, Micro Action Series is going full steam with new Kinikuman sub-series along with second DMZ release this time with even larger armor suit from Votoms, DMZ-02 Strike-Dog. Special exclusives Micro Action for this year is Micro Action Mellowlink (Votoms spin off series) that will be include with DVD set (similar to last year Cutie Honey).  Second MAP series also announced for next year, Mellowlink with his bike.