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Microman 2007 Series

Microman Micro Action Series


Microman 2007



MA-38 Chirico Cuvie with Weapons (1/25/07)


MA-39 Asuka (School Uniform Version) (9/23/07)


MA-40 Rei (School Uniform Version) (9/23/07)


Micro Kinikuman (MK) Series


MK Special Series (2/23/07)

  MKS-01 Kinikuman & Terryman

  MKS-02 Ramenman & Warsman

  MKS-03 Robinmask & Blocken Jr.


MK Series 3 (5/24/07)

  MK-07 Kinikuman (white)

  MK-08 Mr. Kamen

  MK-09 Blackhole


MK Series 4 (9/28/07)

  MK-10 Kinikuman Great

  MK-11 Pentagon

  MK-12 Mongolia


Dual Model Zwei (DMZ) Series

DMZ-03 1/18 Scale Scopedog SA with Fyana (3/08/07)


DMZ-04 1/18 Scale Rabidly Dog with Chirico Cuvie (new version) (7/06/07)


DMZ-EX 1/18 Scale Melkia Type Scopedog with pilot Takara-Tomy Hobby Shop Exclusive (11/04/07)


DMZ-05 1/18 Scale Scopedog Turbo Custom with Chirico Cuvie (Military Outfit) (12/07)


DMZ-06 1/18 Scale Scopedog Lido War Specification with Chirico Cuvie (4/08)


Micro Action SP Series


Micro Evangelion Series

MA-SP03 Asuka & Rei (Plug-suits Version) two-pack (9/21/07)


Micro Wingman Series

MA-SP04 Wingman (blue) & Yume Aoi (Dream Girl) (3/08)


Micro Action Plus (MA+) Series


Micro Votoms Series

MAP-02 Mellowlink with military bike (1/25/07)


MAP-03 Vanilla with Red Shoulder Custom Parts (8/23/07)


Micro Wingman Series

MAP-04 Wingman (red) with transforming bike (3/08)


Micro Lupin SP Series


Micro Lupin the Third 40th Anniversary Series

ML-SP01 Lupin VS Microman Lupin (gold plated) (2/08)


ML-SP02 Fujiko VS Microlady Fujiko (chrome plated) (2/08)




Micro Votoms Wonder Fest Exclusive

Scopedog Pilot (2/25/07)


Micro EVA Girls Summer Wonder Fest Exclusive Rei (Battle Damaged Version) (8/12/07)


Micro Kinikuman (MK) Mail-away Exclusive Meat-kun (10/07)


Micro Votoms Mail-Away Exclusive

Aaron and Gurran (11/07)


Micro Votoms Replacement Hands Toys R Us Exclusive (11/06/07)

Lupin the Third

Yume Senshi (Dream Warrior) Wingman

Return of 1980's Action Series

By early 2007 TAKARA-TOMY put the core Microman series on hiatus and only releasing limited numbers of figures for the Micro Action Series line. For the first quarter of 2007, TAKARA-TOMY concentrated mainly on the two licenses - Votoms and Kinikuman series.  Votoms line see the release of another MAP (Micro Action Plus) Mellowlink with military bike play-set, while  Kinikuman series get vol. 3 with three new characters plus special two-packs alternate colors figures of the first six characters released last year.

For 2nd & 3rd Quarter, TAKARA-TOMY expands MK Microman series (Microman Kinikuman) with another set of three brand new figures along with a mail-away exclusive Meat-kun figure.  Votoms also have several figures added including another Dual Model Zwei (DMZ) 1/18 scale Scopedog SA with Microlady Fyana, exclusive mail-away Aaron and Gran and Micro Action Plus line with Vanilla and Scopedog Custom Parts set.  Also plan for late summer are four more EVA Girls figures, two new figures of Rei and Asuka in school uniforms and re-issued of the Plug-suits versions from last year sold as two-packs set.

For the last quarter, TOMY extends Micro Action line to include new properties both of which are popular manga-turn-anime from 1980's - Lupin the Third and Wingman.  There is also another DMZ figure - DMZ-05 with a new version of Chirico Cuvie figure.