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Microman 2007 Series

Microman Wecker Signa Project


Microman 2007



MWS-01 Microlady Signa-03 Sally & Signa-01 Ruly with DVD (9/28/07)


MWS-02 Microlady Signa-02 Renaly & Kily with DVD (9/28/07)


MWS-03 Microman Signa Orion & Onigumu with DVD (12/1/07)


MWS-04 Microman Exvern with Gran Mirror with DVD (3/08)


MWS-05 Wecker Saria (Sally) & Emiri (Emili) with DVD (4/08)




MWS-?? CD Promotion Wrecker Reina (Renaly) (2/08)


MWS-?? DVD Phase 1 (Part 1-3)Promotion Wrecker Rulika (Ruly) (2/08)


MWS-?? DVD Phase 2 (Part 3-6) Promotion Wrecker Kasumi (Kily) (3/08)


Wecker Signa Project

Microman core line was put into a brief hiatus state in early 2007 after Takara and Tomy merger.  In mid 2007, Takara-Tomy announced new series of core Microman line called Wecker Signa Project.  This new series is radically different than the previous line and using the teen idols as a vehicle to co-promote the line.  Microman line is now market along with low budget tokukatsu (live-action) show on DVD.

As expected, the new WS line is full of merchandise and CD & DVD tie-in promotion with Teen Idol personalities.  The initial line up are four Microlady Wecker Signa figures (retool from last year Microlady 2 series) sold with DVD set and the follow up figures are also several repaints of Microman Force series figures.  New figures of Wecker Signa in first stage power-up (mini-skirt costumes and human head instead of rubber suit and tight outfit) are plan for next year, all of the figures are available as part of DVD or CD mail-in promotion (the figures are limited to 1000 pieces).