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In 2001, Takara announced plan to release the first new Microman design based on the original 1970's series.  The new design would be based on Devilman character, another creation of Mr. Go Nagai who was also responsible for the series such as Geeg and Mazinger Z.  The series would be along the same concept as the original Microman Geeg and Microman Gakeen - Microman that were based on TV and manga characters.  Micro Devilman would get numerical designation of MD 60X, this would made them the first new designation type in over 20 years.

Takara, originally plan to release Micro Devilman in 2001 but the series was delayed several times and was finally released in March of 2002.   Beside the four members, Takara also planed SAS version of Micro Devilman to be sold at WCC-14 toy show in May of 2002.

MD60X Micro Devilman (3/02)

MD601 Dagon

MD602 Dandarian

MD603 Diabolos

MD604 Dekavarian


SAS Micro Devilman (5/02) - WCC14 Exclusive