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Transformers Alternators Hasbro Transformers Series 2004-2007


Transformers Alternators started off as plastic version of Takara Binaltech line. The Binaltech line is an updated series of G1 (Generation 1) Transformers characters from early 1980's using modern day vehicle and done in 1/24 scale with real die-cast metal parts.  The first few offering from the line were definitely some of the most innovative Transformers toys being put out by Takara and Hasbro. Due to high production cost, and eventual declining popularity, Takara Binaltech line was canceled in 2005. The Alternators line, however, continue on with Hasbro branch out doing their own characters (instead of just releasing plastic version of Binaltech).  The Alternators line also suffer from declining popularity and the later assortments are often released in very limited numbers. (Most likely due to  the retail stores cut back in orders). Unlike Binaltech toys which come with elaborate packaging and insert materials that include full background story booklet, Alternators releases are just bare bone offerings (toy and single sheet instruction). However this big cost reduction is pass on to consumer and the price of Alternators is less than half the cost of the Binaltech. Below is the list of 26 Alternators. The bottom of the column is a list of variants put out under Takara Binaltech (BT) series and Kiss Players (Binaltech replacement series) that are not available as Alternators.


The Alternators lack of die-cast and painted parts are definitely inferior as far as cosmetic and appearance when compare to their high price counterparts but the low price point is probably what help keeping this innovative line going (as evidence by Takara-Tomy switching Kiss Players line to all plastic parts also). The plastic do have some advantage, while the weight and sheen of metal are missing, the Alternators are generally easier to transform and manipulate than Takara Binaltech.


Transformers Series




2004 Series 1


01 Smokescreen Subaru Impreza WRC


02 Sideswipe Dodge Viper SRT10


03 Silverstreak Subaru Impreza WRX


04 Hound Jeep Wrangler


05 Tracks Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06


06 Dead End Dodge Viper Comp. Coup


2005 Series 2

07 Meister Mazda RX8


08 Swindle Jeep Wrangler


09 Windcharger Honda S2000


10 Grimlock Ford Mustang GT


 11 Battle Ravage Chevrolet Corvette C5


12 Shockblast Mazda RX8 Speed


13 Wheeljack Ford Mustang GT


14 Decepticharge Honda S2000


15 Swerve Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06


2006 Series 3

16 Prowl Acura RSX


17 Skids Scion xB


18 Sunstreaker Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe


19 Rollbar Jeep Wrangler


20 Ricochet Subaru Impreza WRX


21 Optimus Prime Dodge Rams SRT10


22 Mirage Ford GT


23 Camshaft Acura RSX


24 Nemesis Prime Dodge Rams SRT10

2007 Series 4


25 Rumble Honda Civic Si


26 Beast Ravage Jaguar XK


BT/BT*/ Kiss Variants

BT-04 Tracks (Yellow)

BT-07 Smokescreen GT (2005 ver)

BT-08 Meister (Vroom Red)

BT-15 Prowl (Vivid Blue)

BT-16 Skids (Mica Blue)

BT*01 Alert (Police Subaru Impreza)

BT*03 Broadblast (Silver Toyota bB)

KP-02 Hot Rodimus (Red Ford GT)

KP-03 Autolooper (Police Mazda RX8)