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Micro Archive

Magne & LED Series (1999-2000)




Original Microman and New Microman Series



Magne & LED Powers Microman Series



Replica Microman Series

Beside Microman toys, Takara released several related merchandises in conjunction with the new Microman series.   Some merchandise were available from Takara, others were licensed products such as the U-Borg and candy toys.  There were also many books and even arcade game machine produced for this new series.





Books & Magazines

Kodashan "The Official Guide to Magne Power Microman" (1999)

 Guide to Super Microman (1999)

Microman children story books (1999)

Microman Guide Book for kids (1999)

 Arcade Game Prizes

SEGA UFO Game Prizes (1999)

PVC Microman with capsule key-chain (1999)

Microman Merchandise, Collectibles & Games

U-Borg  (1999)

Pencil board and stationary (1999)

Collectibles Stickers (1999)

Kabaya Candy (1999)

Microman Sausage Snack (1999)

Microman Movie puzzle (1999)

Microman apparels (1999)

Microman Arcade Game Machine (1999)

Microman Music CD (1999)

Microman Anime Series Video & DVD (1999)

 2015 Game Boy Color Game (2000)

Export Microman Magne Power

Korean Edition Magne Power Microman (2001)

Fake Microman Merchandise

 Bootleg Magne Power Microman toys (2001)

Bootleg 12" & 8" Magne Power Microman toys (2001)