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Takara Choro Q Robo Series 

CB-Getter Robo (c.2002) 



CB-Getter Robo toys were released in 2002.  Each Getter came with their Getter vehicles package with the robots.  Because of the vehicle part, the boxes were slightly larger than previous Choro Q Robo boxes.


Each Getter Robo set came with the Getter plane.  The motorized parts of Getter Robo can be attached to these Getter planes which turned them into Choro Q versions of the Getter planes.





For those who are not familiar with Getter Robo, Getter Robo was one of the first combiner or merge group robots.  Getter planes, when merged, would form one of the three robots depended on the order in which the ships were combined.   The ships were not "actual" robot parts but rather they sort of morph into their respective shape when they merged.


CB-Getter Robo, unlike other Choro Q Robo, transformed from robot to Choro Q vehicle by rearranging the parts. Instead of folding up the body section, CB-Getter Robo can be separated into different parts.

Getter-3's Choro Q mode was the same as the robot mode since it was already a hybrid robot and vehicle.