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Transformers Energon

Transformers Landmine (1/2004)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Landmine


Release Date : 2/2004

Price Point : Ultra ($29.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Battery included (3xA76/LR44)

Accessories : Missile x 1

Powerlinx : Red (self-combine) 


Tech-spec Card




Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the tech-spec card.


Autobot Landmine Spec.


Strength : 10

Intelligence : 7

Speed : 6

Endurance : 7

Rank : 8

Courage : 9

Fire blast : 9

Skill : 9


Autobot Landmine

Transformers Superlink

SC-15 Land Mine



Transformers Energon Landmine was released in February of 2004. Landmine was part of the "Ultra" assortment price point ($26.96-29.99) and the first Energon Autobot toy in that price range. The toy came packaged in standard Energon window box. The toy was packed in his Superlinx vehicle mode. In the vehicle mode Landmine was a futuristic mine-clearing and tank towing half-track vehicle. In this mode Landmine was mostly orange with some dark blue and gray trims. The vehicle had clear yellow windows with molded-on Autobot symbol (nicely painted in red with white background unlike Armada toys which often had poor paint job on these nicely molded details).The vehicle can be separated into two part, the front cab section and the towing section (with tractor tracks). When the two sections were combined, Landmine was considered to be in his vehicle "Powerlinx" mode. The electronic sound can be activated by pushing the button on the crane which made the hydraulic retracting sound. Also when the button was pushed the hook would retracted back into the crane. Next to the crane sat a missile launcher in done in lavender blue. (A strange choice of color for a robot). The launcher was position-able and shoot gray missile via spring-loaded mechanism. Only one missile was included. (This seem to be the trend with later Transformers toys)

Landmine cab section transformed into robot and the towing rear section became a cannon. Landmine was mostly orange also in robot mode. His head was very nicely sculpt (the head looked a lot like Robotman Dean from Microman Magne Power line) and come complete with visor in clear yellow. The back of his head was done in clear yellow and acted as "light port" for the eyes. This was a very nice  gimmick and the light port gave the robot red color face an interesting appearance. The robot mode of Landmine had great articulations. He can pose very well and his slim design in this mode gave him a nice "heroic" stand. Since Landmine was a Red "Powerlinx" type he combined with parts from himself to power-up and to become Powerlinx Landmine. This mode required the towing section to be taken apart. The track and tractor became armor and "claws" for his arms, the rest of the towing section then attached to his back. The crane and missile launcher became shoulder mount weapons for the robot. (When the "backpack attached to the back you can hear the transforming sound). The only minor flaw in Superlinx robot mode was the arms can look a little too big and these tow parts had tendency to fall off easily.

Landmine in vehicle mode (Powerlinx)

Landmine was one of the best Energon toys released thus far. He surpassed even Scorponok as far as design and playability was concerned. The toy looked great in both the vehicle mode and robot mode. His Superlinx mode while not perfect was pretty good. The added sound effects and the functional crane with retractable winch put the toy into a must buy for the Energon line.


Below - Powerlinx Landmine