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Transformers Energon

Transformers Ultra Magnus (11/2003)


Energon & Superlink

Autobot Ultra Magnus


Release Date : 11/2003

Price Point : Ultra ($24.99)

Transformation Level : 3

Electronic Sounds : Battery Included (3XLR44)

Accessories : Missile x 2

Powerlinx : Mini-Con (Knockout)


Collectible Card


Hasbro began to include tech spec card similar to the long standing practice by Takara.

Note: Some Energon toys came with Fleer Collector card instead of the Tech-Spec card. 


Ultra Magnus Spec.


Strength : 8

Intelligence : 7

Speed : 7

Endurance : 9

Rank : 8

Courage : 9

Fire blast : 10

Skill : 8


Ultra Magnus

Transformers Superlink

Like all the other Armada repaints in Energon line, Ultra Magnus was not sold in Japan as part of the Superlink series. However, in the interesting twist of irony, the toy was sold as a store exclusive as part of Takara TF USA Edition line. The package was the same as US version (as the USA Edition toys were exactly as the name implied, they were simply imported US TF toys). Takara did added sticker "Toy's Dream Project" to mark it as exclusive special and the back of the box had sticker of Space Team Mini-Con cover up the error Speed Team pictures along with manufacturing information in Japanese.  (Actually the version shown here is the "re-imported" version of Energon Ultra Magnus)





Transformers Energon Ultra Magnus was released as part of the initial wave of Energon line. The toy was one of the five initial repaint Armada toys used as filler to pad up the early shipments of Energon toys. (The other five were Unicron, Rapid Run, Tidal Wave and Treadbolt).  However, of the five, Ultra Magnus was the hardest one to find as very small number of these toys were produced. (Rumor to be less than 1000 pieces) Ultra Magnus was repaint of Armada Overload which was originally sold as 19.99 price point so in order to bum the toy up to the "Ultra" or 24.99-29.99 price point (the toys was being used to fill out the "Ultra" case assortment with Tidal Wave), Hasbro included Mini-Con team with Ultra Magnus. The initial plan was probably to include the Street Speed Team but this was change to Space Team, however, the packaging was never corrected and it still showed the toy to include the Street Speed Team. Overload was originally red in color (he can be seen on the back of the package which like other Energon repaint used the images of Armada toy) and he was repaint into Ultra Magnus white and blue color as a nod to both G1 Ultra Magnus and RID Ultra Magnus. Overload design had the piston arms of G1 Magnus and he was thought to be named Ultra Magnus in Armada but Hasbro decided to name him Overload so to have him now repaint into Magnus was quite interesting.



Being Armada toy, Ultra Manus do not have the combination gimmick but instead retained the Armada Mini-Con "Powerlinx" feature. However, unlike other Armada Transformers, the Mini-Con for this toy was an integral part of the design for both vehicle and robot mode since the Mini-Con formed the cab in vehicle mode and formed the head for the robot mode. (Similar to the Headmaster concept).  The Mini-Con was repainted into white and was renamed Knockout.  (He was called Rollout in Armada version).  As mention, unlike other Mini-Con in Armada which usually just a snap on part to activate the Powerlinx gimmick, Knockout became integrated part with his Transformers partner and he also activated the sound effect on Ultra Magnus.  In stand alone mode, Knockout had his own transformation and he can transform into small Mini-Con robot.  In vehicle mode, Ultra Manus form a big trailer unit that design to be interconnecting with Optimus Prime from Armada line and also design to hold Jetfire.  I always find the design of Overload to be very appealing in both vehicle and robot mode. His articulation can be a little limited as with most Armada toys but he transformed into a very nice looking mecha.  As with original toy, Ultra Magnus can formed power-up armor / weapon for Armada Prime and the toy retained the missile firing mechanism from Overload version.  While this was a repaint of Armada toy, the new color was really striking and at the same time a very nice homage to the old Ultra Magnus toys. It was unfortunate the toys had such small run and was very difficult to find here in the US. Ironically, the toy was sold as exclusive in Japan as part of Takara USA Edition TF toys. 

Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode.

Being "Ultra" size toy, Hasbro decided to included a set of Mini-Con Team to boost up the value of the toy. The plan was originally called for repaint version of Street Speed Team that was to be renamed as Override, Breakdown and Cloaker but for some reason the plan was changed and instead Energon Ultra Magnus came with repaint of Space Team Mini-Con. The new repaint Space Team kept the same name - Skyblast, Payload and Astroscope but with more subdue color schemes. Astroscope and Payload were done into gray color with dull red highlight while Skyblast was change into black from his original white rocket. The toys kept the same feature and transformation and like the old Space Team can be combined together to form Requiem Blaster weapon for the larger Transformers. It seem to me that this Space Team was intended to be part of Armada Mini-Con repaint line that came out toward the end of the series but was scrap and then included with Energon Magnus instead when Armada line came to an end. While I really like the Space Team it was odd to include them with Ultra Magnus / Overload since he could not carry the Requiem Blaster due to his hand design. It was not clear what happen to the Street Speed Team that was suppose to come with this Manus but my feeling was those toys became the Mini-Cons for the Armada repaints of Beast Wars toys - Airazor and Predacon.


Below - Space Team Mini-Cons


Space Team Mini-Con from L-R: Skyblast, Payload and Astroscope.  Inset - Space Team combined to form Requiem Blaster and below their vehicle modes with Payload carried Skyblast.