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2002 Replica Microman Series

Microman Prototype Head Version - Microman M115 Ben and M125 Morgan - Figure Oh! Exclusive (3/02) 


One of the cool part of this set was their capsules.  M115 and M125 came in dark blue color capsule with yellow tint clear lid - the same color scheme as the Conning Tower Base!


M115 came with vinyl armor jacket. This was the same jacket from Micro Kit-Machine Sky Rambler set.  (Takara had originally planed to reissue Sky Rambler but due to poor sale of Replica Series the plan was canceled.)

M125 came with black pair of guns.  (The same guns that were included with the reissue M12X and Victory Edition M10X)


Takara included a set of stickers to decorate M115 and M125.  The stickers were design to make them match the rest of the members of their series.

M115 Ben came with chest sticker with letter B E.  M115's sticker was design to match the design of the Conning Tower stickers. M125 Morgan came with silver and black stickers which design to match the other M12X series stickers.

In late 2001, Takara offered special "Prototype Head Version" of M115 Ben and M125 Morgan as Figure Oh! Magazine Exclusive.   The figures were repaint version of M11X and M12X but with the prototype head designs.   Back in 1974, Takara had originally planned to released M11X and M12X series with these robot-like heads (I assumed to make them resemble the Henshin Cyborg Android A which also had robot-like head).  The robot heads were abandoned when Takara decided to re-launch Microman as separate line in 1975 instead of Microman being part of the Henshin Cyborg Series. 

Beside the cool prototype heads, M115 Ben and M125 Morgan were given unique colors scheme.  M115 Ben had the same color as Microman Conning Tower Base which also shared the same designation number of M115.  M125 Morgan came in silver and black color to match prototype Micro Kit-Machine Hot Roader.  (See below for more info)

Close up

M115 and M125 came with prototype heads that Takara originally plan to use for the M11X and M12X series.  The head drawing appeared in early design sketch.

Figure Oh! Magazine

These pictures below and to the right came from Figure Oh magazine in which M115 Ben and M125 Morgan were being offer as mail-away premium set.  It appear there was a reason behind the color scheme for M115 & M125.   M115 color scheme was obviously pattern after the original Microman Zone toy of the same numerical designation - the  M115 Conning Tower Base.  If you notice his chest sticker resemble the sticker on the side of the Conning Tower plane section.   M125, beautiful silver and black scheme came from prototype Hot Roader design (Hot Roader was one of the first four Microman toys).   Figure Oh magazine article offer an insight look at the prototype drawing of M115 & M125 along with another vehicle with numerical designation of M105J.  (During the first year of Microman line, Takara gave  vehicle numerical designation pattern after Microman figure such as M115 Conning Tower)  The M105 was a dark green and white plane which was release later in 1975 as Super Jet but in blue color scheme instead.  (Super Jet was sold as Micronauts Photon Sled).

Note: the short cuff style hands.

M115 Ben

M125 Morgan

Left: prototype sketch of M11X and M12X with the robot-like heads.  Above: prototype Hot Roader in silver and black color scheme and M105 Micro Air Force drawing.  M105 was another Microman vehicle with designation numbers.  When Microman line was "re-launch" in 1975, the designation numbers were given only to the figures.

Inset: M115 inside Microman M115 Conning Tower Base.

(Special thanks to MicroBry for scan of these pictures and info)