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1977 Microman Command Series

Microman Lady Command M18X Type - M181 Ann, M182  Annie and M184 Ai (c.1977)


Each Command figure came package in their capsule and was sold directly out of the display box.  Each capsule was wrap with a rubber band and a small identification tag. 

 Sample tag from Command 3 M173 Tatsuya.

Takara also sold M18X in blister package together with Zero-Zero magazine.

Microman Command 3 & Lady Command mini-catalog from late 1977


Each figure came with silver Lady Command Angelic Wings.

Back view of M181 Ann.  Note the two 2mm holes above 5mm hole for her Angelic Wings.


Takara released Microman Command Series in April of 1977 after the released of Titan Command Series.  Microman Command would became the pinnacle of Microman figure design.  Each Command types were base on Earth historical objects, with the premise that they were ancient Microman that came to Earth in the distance past to instruct Earthling with Microman technology.   

Microman Commands possessed very beautifully design body and each came with trademark capsule that based on their geographical origin.  Microman Commands also came with small wings accessories for their legs call Anti-Gravity wings or Anti-Repulsion wings which would made them stood out from the rest of Microman series.  Microman Command 1 or M15X type were released first along with Command 2 M16X type and then followed by Command 3 M17X and Lady Command during the second half of 1977.   Each Microman Command type had distinctive design and look that set them apart from other series since they did not shared parts with other types.  Takara sold Lady Command as individual figure in a matching color capsule.  The figures were also package in blister card with Zero-Zero magazine.

Lady Command Ann as angel

Lady Command was the first and only female Microman released by Takara in the entire run of the original series.  Lady Command was not very popular with kids (boys) nor parents who tend not to buy female figure for boys so very small numbers were produced.  These factors coupled with the fact that Lady Command were released late into Command Series year made them at one time one of the most sought after Microman figures.  Even with the re-issue of these figures in 1999, vintage Lady Command was still very hard to find and seldom appeared on the collectible market scene.

Lady Command has very beautiful design.  The body is very petite with round hoop-like mini skirt.  (The prototype was shown with no skirt and was probably added to make the figure more feminine).  Lady Command came with Angelic Wings that can be attach to the legs like all the previous Command figures, however the wings can also be attach to their back and turn them into angel like being.

While the other Commands were based on ancient ruin, Lady Command was based on Statue Liberty.  This probably because, there was really no ancient ruin in North America and Takara designer was probably looking for something in this geographical area to base the figure on.  The reasoning was that many UFO believers theorized that angel sighting in the past was actually sighting of visitors from another planets.  Since Statue Liberty symbolized freedom, liberty and love, she was perfect for Lady Command.

Lady Command Story

Microman Command searched of Earth ancient ruins led them to sky over New York.  The alpha H-7 detector unit inside their Surveyor 1 detected unknown Microman signal.  Microman Commands were surprised because there were no ancient ruins in the area.  They began to investigate and discovered the signal came from Statue Liberty.  They switch the main cannon on Surveyor 1 to high output Spectrum MX mode and fired it at the statue.  New female Microman emerged as streak of light from Statue of Liberty.

M181 Ann: Expert in medical treatment for injure Microman, especially in emergency care. 

M182 Alice: Expert in math and complex calculation.   Excellent at providing backup support.

M183 Annie: Excellent knowledge of herbs and plants in making medicine and remedy to cure illness.

M184 Ai: Expert psychologist and has superb telepathic ability.  She can read mind and can even take over another mind momentarily.

M181 Ann (vintage)

M182 Annie (vintage) 

This sample was missing her mini skirt.  In the prototype design drawing, Lady Command was shown without the skirt.

M184 Ai (vintage)

The vintage versions of Microman Lady Command can be distinguish by better head details especially the top of the head. The vintage figures also had much better fitting parts than the re-issue version.

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