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1984 New Microman Series

Micro Change Series - Binocular Robo MC-19 Scope Man (c.1984) 



MC-19 came with "Optical Bazooka" weapon accessory for Scope Man when in robot mode.   The Optical Bazooka has kaleidoscope lens inside.  


MC-19 Scope Man


Binocular Robo MC-19 Scope Man was released as second year Micro Change line-up.   MC-19, like most of the later Micro Change toys, was designed as "role-play" type toy and interact more with the kids than with Microman figure.   Like his name implied, Binocular Robo was Microman robot disguised himself as a binocular.  The binocular actually did work.  The toy also came with a kaleidoscope accessory that doubled as a weapon when in the robot mode (battle mode).  Beside the weapon, MC-19 also came with strap that can be attach to the binocular.

Scope Man transformation was pretty basic and not entirely self-contain.   Like many early transformer toys, the hands came as separate parts and must be manually attached to the arm.    In the robot mode, the toy look a little strange due to the very large legs.   The figure has very limited articulation.  Scope Man was one of the few Micro Change toys that never got re-released as The Transformers.

Binocular Robo MC-19 (Note the sample above is missing the fold-out feet parts)