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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - 20th Anniversary of the Birth of Microman Box Set (3/1997)




Under provisional license from Takara, a small toy and hobby company named Romando, released the first Microman 21 box set in March of 1996. The set was to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Birth of Microman. The set include reproduction Microman Command 1 done in gold plated color along with special chrome plated Easter Island capsule. The set also included Net-Zero Square Microman Analysis Book that details the birth of Microman toys.

Microman M150 Edge is Microman Command 1 with gold plated color and chromed chest. M150 Edge is not a reissued of the old figures but rather he is an all new character created by Romando for Microman 21 line. Romando used the surviving Microman Command 1 molds from the Original Microman series to produce Microman M150 Edge and the figure is pretty much identical to the vintage figure. Microman 21 line however suffer from poor quality (probably due to small run and low budget garage type production) and many of the figures from the line suffer from poor fit and loose joints. However what Romando lack in production capability they at least was trying to make it up in adding value to the series by including interesting lore and history about each figures and set with the included "Net Zero-Zero Square Paper" inserts.

One interesting note about M150 Edge is that his "M150" designation is shared by another Microman Command - Replica Microman M150 Antonio. This duplicate designation was due to the fact that after Takara took Microman licensed back from Romando, Microman 21 story and lore was considered to be just fan-fictions and not part of official Microman series, all of Romando Microman 21 characters were eventually superseded by Takara Replica Microman series.

  M150 Edge

In retrospective, the 20th Anniversary box set interestingly not only commemorate the Birth of Microman line but also help usher in the "Rebirth" of Microman series. The Microman 21 Easter Set were very popular with collectors and fans alike. The initial set was soon follow by full reproduction of the entire Microman Command 1 M15X figures from the original line (M151-M154) along with Microman Command 2 series in the 2nd half of 1996. One notable thing about Romando Microman 21 (Two-One) line was the fact that although the box sets do not have flashy and more professional production style of the later Takara Replica Microman line they always included lore and story that make each figure special, something that was severely lacking in Takara own reissued line.

(M21) M150 Edge -  is a great authority of energy physics.   He converted his body into super-fluid metal stage.   However by doing so he could only exist in outer space.  Since, he can no longer visit Earth, Edge is  now working for C.R.I.M. division.  Edge dedicates himself to the preservation of peace by leading the Star Command outpost which has became his sanctuary.

Romando Microman 21


Birth of Microman Box Set

M150 Edge & Microman Analysis Book


Released : March 1997

Retail Price : 2000 Yen


The toy comes package in a off-white corrugated card board box which gives an appearance of fan produce "garage" type production run. The box has a stylized picture of M115 Conning Tower and mathematical formula "MX=352.453". The formula is a hypothetical number for the frequency of MX ray that put out by the Conning Tower to awake the Microman from their hibernation.

Documentation & Insert



The set comes with 20th Anniversary Issue of  Microman Analysis Book. The book contains brief history of Microman toys and many b&w pictures. (Note: The book is written in Japanese)


Easter Island Capsule Included


M150 Edge comes with special chrome plated version of M15X Easter Island capsule case along with Microman Command1 trademark leg wings.