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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21  Microman Rescue Box Set (02/1997)



Romando Microman Rescue Set was one of the harder set to find in the State.  (The set was released in very limited numbers in Japan)  Rescue Set contains three figures: M251 Robin, a reproduction of original Takara M251, M254 Wayne a reproduction of original Takara unnamed figure that was included with a vehicle (Rolling Thunder), and M255 Wilder (Clear neon green/black), an original Microman21. M255 Wilder is very unique not just because he is the only clear M25X but he is also the only Microman release thus far to have clear cuffs and hands.  The set also comes with three reproductions of Microman Rescue Capsule.

Romando M251 Robin & M254 Wayne

Microman Rescue was introduced in 1979 by Takara.  Although they look very sophisticated and refined they did not have a very lasting impact compare to other type of Microman. This may be have to do with the fact that by this Microman popularity is on the decline as their audience was getting much older and also because unlike other Microman their origin was not clearly told by Takara. The catalog at this time focus mainly on the establishment of Microman Secret Base and the division of Microman into separate division much like a secret organization (a concept very popular in many manga at the time in Japan).

M251 Robin - the leader of the Rescue Microman.  Very calm, trustworthy.  His best friend is Spy Magician Hudson.

M254 Wayne - has an interest in study of magnetic energy, transfer to GLFT factory section during the development of Rolling Thunder.  He plays a central role in the Great Blizzard Operation.

Romando M255 Wilder - note the clear hands & cuffs.

M255 Wilder - very enthusiastic, wishes to be relocate to command section of CRIM.  He was a candidate to participate in the experiment of Microman Punch.

Romando Microman 21

Released : February 1997

Retail Price : 4000 Yen

Rescue Set come in a simple tan color box.  Each set also come with Net Zero Zero Square Paper which gives background info about Rescue Microman series.

Capsules & Accessories

Each figure comes with a replica white Rescue Microman capsule.

Each figure also come with Pulsar Wave Energy Gun & Energy backpack.