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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Real Microman Bio-Mechanic Suit (08/1997)



Back in 1984, Takara, in a last ditch attempt to rejuvenate New Microman line introduced a new type of Microman series called the Real Microman.   Real Microman Series was basically a plastic model kit of Microman series.  Takara had previously try to incorporate the concept of model kit into the New Microman with toys like MicroBorg and Armored Suits because of the shifting interest of kids in the early 80's from toys to plastic hobby kit.   Beside these hybrid model kits-toys, Takara also produced several plastic kit versions of New Microman toys like model kits of New Acroyear, Micro Ridor and various MicroRobot mecha.  Real Microman however would be entirely new Microman line consisted solely of new model kit designs.  The new Real Microman took the idea from then popular plastic kits base sci-fi lines like the SF3D and Dougram.  However unlike other lines, Microman kits would be in 1:1 scale. (SF3D was a series of armor suit kits designed by famous Japanese modeler Kow Yokohama.  His early designs were produced as illustrations for Hyper Hobby magazine.  These early designs were interestingly kit-bash from various Microman and other toys.  SF3D kit were reissued in 2001 as Mashinen Krieger or MA.K).


Gray Hyper Microman 01  and Green Hyper Microman 02

Real Microman Bio Mechanic Suit was the first in the series of models kit plan by Takara but the plan was cut shot when Transformer became popular and Takara decided to do away with the Microman line altogether.  Bio Mechanic Suits would be the last Microman products released by Takara for the old line.  This was pretty ironic considering the very first Microman toys were also a plastic kit-like toys call Micro-Kit Machines. 

Back view of Hyper Microman

In 1997, Romando released the reproduction of the Real Microman Bio Mechanic Suits BS-1 and BS-2. Both BS-1 and BS-2 came with two different color variations.  Romando also reproduced the limited clear edition of BS-1 & BS-2,that Takara gave away as premium in the 80's, as 1997 Summer Wonder Fest exclusives.

The BS1 and BS2 were basic snap tight model kits.  Each suit also included a model kit of Microman that must be put together.  The figure can be painted to make him look "real".  (I painted these two to look like Rescue Microman.)   BS1 came with a pale gray Hyper Microman and BS2 came with a pale green Hyper Microman.  The Hyper Microman figure was design to be place inside the Bio Mechanic Suits.

BS-2 Deep Sea Operation Type (Un-assemble)

BS-01 Heat Resistance Shield Reinforced Type.  Shown here without any stickers.  The kits were snap together type and do not required any glue.

BS-1 Mineral Searcher Type &  BS-2 Dustproof Filter Reinforced Type

Back view of BS-2 and BS-1.  Note the 5mm port on their backs.

Romando's Bio Mechanic Suits appeared to come from the same molds as the original versions.

Bio Mechanic Suit Variants

BS-1 Heat Resistance Shielding Type - Red

BS-1 Mineral Searcher Type - Green

BS-2 Dustproof Filer Reinforced Type - Tan

BS-2 Deep Sea Operation Type - Blue

Exclusive Bio Mechanic Suits

BS-1 Night Operation Response Prototype - Clear Purple with metallic Hyper Microman.  (Wonder Fest)

BS-2 Twin Super High-Temperature Nuclear Custom type - Clear Red with metallic Hyper Microman. (Wonder Fest)

Hyper Microman (Shining Tector style) by Peter Lauro from NY.  Sharp looking!

Romando Microman 21

Released : August 1997

Retail Price : 2000 Yen

Romando Bio Mechanic Suits came in the same design box as the original Bio Mechanic Suits.

Real Microman Bio Mechanic Suits came on spruce in plastic model kit form and must be assembled together.  Even the Microman figure came as an un-assemble kit.