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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 Wonder Festival Exclusive Clear Real Microman Bio-Mechanics Suit BS-1 and BS-2 (c.1997)




Romando produced two exclusive version of Real Microman Bio-Mechanic Suits BS-1 and BS-2 for sale at Wonder Festival. The set were rumored to be limited to just  around 200 pieces each. BS-1 was released in clear purple plastic (Night Operation Mission Type) and BS-2 (High Temperature Nuclear Hyper Type) was released in clear red plastic. Both came with chrome plated version of Hyper Microman figure kit.

These set however was not newly created colors by Romando but these two Bio Mechanic suit set were actually "reproduction" of the two exclusives that Takara were planning as part of the mail-away promotion back in 1980's. It was unclear if Takara actually produced and mailed out these exclusives back in the days since the Real Microman concept was canceled when Microman Micro Change series gained popularity. So this set also unique in the sense that it reproduced the very rare and may be even un-produced Microman toys.

The two Bio-Mechanic suit sets were relative rare items from ROMANDO Microman 21 line and one of the very last toys released by them before TAKARA took back the license. These kits while they are not in the same tradition as your regular Microman toy play vital role at the both the beginning and the end of original Microman line . Microman model kit type toys have long been part of Microman line-up since the day of the Kit-Machines and the Bio Suit set represented the emergence of the "Pla-mo" (plastic kit) period that would later became permanent fixture of toys and hobby scene in Japan. The Bio Suit while short live demonstrated the direction for Microman that TAKARA was considering if not for the success of the Micro Change and Diaclone line that would later gave rise to the Transformers series.





Romando Exclusive Bio Mechanics Suits were sold in the same packaging as the regular version which was essentially a reproduction of the old Real Microman boxes. The small strip of stickers along the bottom on the box front denoted the exclusive versions along with Takara licensed logo and Romando logo. Aside from these there was no other marking that would distinguish this set from the standard set.