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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Command 2 Set B "Black Box" - M163 Smith, M164 Sammy and M166 Saram (10/1996)




Romando Microman21 Commando 2 "black box" Set came with two reproduction Microman: M163 Smith and M164 Sammy along with new figure Romando Microman21 M166 Saram.   The set also includes Net Zero-Zero Square "All That Microman Version2" booklet.  An updated Microman Checklist from the one included with Easter Island Set. "All That Microman" is a complete listing of all Microman toys released by Takara from 1974 to 1985.

Microman21 M166 Saram

M166 Saram has one of the most unusual color scheme, he is a clear Command 2 figure with gold and blue glitter. The scheme is suppose to represent Saram in his dematerialized state similar to being in transport beam in Star Trek.


Romando Microman21 M163 Smith and M164 Sammy

M163 Smith - have ability to control natural phenomenon.  He used his special power to study natural environment.

M164 Sammy - superb memory.  He has photographic memory and can recall any event in the past.  His ability is helpful in investigation.

M166 Saram - an authority on machinery.    He participated in many weapon development.  He worked as engineer on the "Operation: Moon Gate" project. His body was dematerialized when an accident occurred during an experiment with Dimensional Generator Machine.   The failure in the control module (micro1999) pull his body into another dimension and leave him in ethereal state.

M163's & M164's capsules

Romando also included a reproduction capsules for M163 & M164 and matching capsule for M166 Saram.  Saram' s Capsule is done in clear plastic with gold and blue glitters to match the figure. These capsules are almost the exact replica of the original Command 2 capsules which lead many to believe that Romando actually found and used the surviving original mold for this reproduction.  Many speculated that the mold is the same as the one used in making the early Mego Micronauts version 1 Pharoid since the word "TAKARA" which was removed from Micronauts version of the capsule was apparently added back in.

Romando Microman 21

Released : October 1996

Retail Price : 4000 Yen

Romando Command 2 Set B (Black Box)

Documentation & Insert


The box also included Net Zero Zero Square "All That Microman Version 2" booklet.


Each figure comes with a pair of Command 2 gold leg-wings and a matching capsule case.