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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Command 2 Set "Sammy - Popular Type" M164 Sammy with Gold capsule (12/1996)




Romando released a single figure box set of Command 2 M164 Sammy "Popular Type" with a special gold plated capsule along with matching gray color in December of 1996.  The M164 that came with this set have a difference color variation than  the one from Black Box Set.  This is a reproduction of a more commonly found variant of M164 that were released by Takara in 1976.

Popular Type Sammy

The "Popular" Sammy is a little lighter in tone than the previous M164 that came with Romando Command 2 Black Box Set dues to less gold glitter in the plastic (instead it has white glitter).  The different is very subtle and one can only tell if compare the two side by side.  The capsule for "Popular" Sammy is also different in color than the Black Box set version.

M164 Sammy's capsules - gold and standard version.

M164 Sammy - superb memory.  He has photographic memory and can recall any event in the past.  His ability is helpful in investigation

Romando Microman 21

Released : December 1996

Retail Price : 2000 Yen

Microman Commando 2 M-164 Sammy (Popular Type) Box Set.

Documentation & Insert

The box also included Net Zero Zero Square "All That Microman Version 2" booklet.


Sammy comes with a pair of Command 2 gold leg-wings.