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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Command 2 Set A "White Box" - M161 Sheriff, M162 Sander and M165 Stealth (10/1996)




Romando Microman21 Command 2 "white box" Set came with two reproduction Microman M161 Sheriff, M162 Sander and a new Roman-do Microman21 M165 Stealth.   The set also includes Net Zero Zero Square "All That Microman" Version2.  This is an updated version of Microman Checklist from the one included with the Easter Island Set.   All That Microman is a complete guide of all Microman toys released by Takara from 1974 to 1985.  The guide is in Japanese but an English version can be found on Tom Vigneau site or check out the Microman compendium on Ron Pringle's Micropola site.

Microman21 M165 Stealth

M164 Stealth is very interesting since not only he has a smoke clear color body but he also sports a dark chrome wings, had and dark chrome chest piece instead of the usual gold color commonly found on Command 2 figures.


Romando M161 Sheriff  and Romando M162 Sander

Romando did a very good job of reproducing the figures and the capsules.  The mold were probably came from one of the few surviving molds. When comparing these reproduction to the original Takara release one have to really look to find the minor differences such as the darker chrome head on the original, lack of Takara stamp on the butt and an almost translucent "glow-in-the dark" piece in the torso.   There are also very slight different in color and plastic.

M161 Sheriff - well acquainted with the lay of the land.   Superb geographical knowledge.  He have special ability ray that can form rock.

M162 Sander -  knowledgeable about the underground geology.   Also have superb knowledge about earth historical ruins.

M166 Stealth - structural demolition expert.  He actually working with Intelligent area of CRIM.  He was given the SpyMagician bracelet and wand but he seldom wore them.  He used his stealth and spy skill to infiltrate the Acroyears' base.  He often acts independently from the Command.   His partner is MC7 Black MicroKnight during many of his covert operations.  He is credited with the destruction of several Acroyears' front-line bases.

L-R : Capsules for M161 & M162

Romando Microman 21

Released : October 1996

Retail Price : 4000 Yen

Command 2 Set A "white box" set.

Documentation & Insert

The box also included Net Zero Zero Square "All That Microman Version 2" booklet.


M166 Stealth's Capsule

M161 & M162 come with a pair of gold Command 2 wings.

M165 come with a pair of matching dark chrome Command 2 wings.