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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Command 1 "Easter Island" Box Set (04/1996)



Following the released of the popular M150 20th Anniversary Set, Romando issued the second box set which included the reproductions of Takara Microman Commando 1 - M151, M152, M153 and M154 completed with reproduction capsules.  Romando also included a clear version of M15X Microman21 named M155 Evil.  There are four difference variations of the chest colors - red, blue, black & green.  Each set only come with one of the variants so to get all the version you would have to purchase four box sets.  (The box denoted the included version of M155 by a small color dot on box flap top).  Microman Command 1 M155 Evil by Romando probably has one of the most bizarre powers and back story of all the Microman.  Romando also include the first version of All That Microman booklet with this box set.   All That Microman is a listing of all Microman toys released by Takara up to the year 1984.

Romando Reproduction Command 1 - M151, M152, M153 & M154

M151 East - has excellent knowledge about the geography of the southern Pacific region and also expert in oceanic currents.    Also, possess ability to decode difficult ancient language and writing.

M152 Eric - has great scientific knowledge in making tools to aid in study ancient cultures, and also well aquatinted with geology of ancient earth.

M153 Elder - possessed super strength and are very active physically around ancient ruins since he can move big stone objects with ease using his special power.   Elder is also an expert in natural science.

M154 Evan - expert in the resources of geology.   Proposed a scientific method in the use of all geology resources by way of conservation.

 M155. Left to right Earth, Wind, Water & Fire.

M155 Evil - The specialists in super-natural science and dimension generator physics were trying to revive Evil in his hibernation capsule after an attack by Acroyear mechanism by using the elemental powers and dimension generator technology.   The process was interrupted and Evil was left in his capsule.   Microman Rescue Crew found Evil and the capsule was later transported to Rescue Base at Mt. Fuji, where he was revived from the suspend animation state.   However he can no longer able to retain his physical form due to the side effect of the four elemental powers that were used to sustain his life force (hence he is a clear color Command1).  Because of this Evil can now altered between each of the four elemental stages and can harness it's power.

M155 Evil (Fire Ver.)

Evil's Elemental Powers

Fire (red chest plate) - with a utterance of special word, Evil can invoked special flame that shoot from his hands and form a dimensional cocoon.   The dimensional cocoon act as a force field and able to repel any physical attack.   In this form Evil can also warp himself in a ball of flame (ala Human Torch).   The only thing that can penetrate his dimensional flame shield is the Amazonian Geyser Ray from the Green Amazon Commander.

Water (blue chest plate) - in this form Evil can manipulated the object at the atomic level.  Using special power calls "Icing Charge" he can momentary freeze any object.

Wind (green chest plate) - this form of Evil hold unknown potential power.   He can open a gate to another dimension using his power of dimensional generator.  He became a starting point for the research by other Microman in developing portable Dimensional Generator equipment.

Earth (black chrome chest plate) - he prefer to exist in this stage as his natural appearance.   In this state, Evil can transform into ultra sonic wave and travel through the ground.  The sonic wave can also be used as a weapon.


Romando Microman 21

Released : April 1996

Retail Price : 5000 Yen


The set comes with reproduction versions of the original Easter Island capsules. Clockwise - M151, M152, M153, M154 Capsules.

Each figures come with reproduction of Command 1 "Antigrav-Repulsion" winglets.

Each M155 Evil comes with a beautiful smoke clear version of Easter Island capsule.

Documentation & Insert


Easter Island set includes Version 1 All That Microman & Vol.1 Zero-Zero Paper.