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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Microman Police Keeper Micro Knight Set - Blue, Orange and Green (03/1997)



Romando released three boxsets of Police Keeper Micro Knight in 1997 - blue, orange and green.  Micro Knights were originally released in 1979 as part of the Police Keeper series. These figures are some of the most details Microman figures produced by Takara. The original vintage Micro Knight figures used to command a substantial sum.  Romando released excellent reproduction versions of the original.  (The figures most likely make from original Takara molds since the figures are nearly identical to the original).  Romando set included most of the original figures with exception of MC10.  He was replaced by new figure MC07.

MC7 Black Micro Knight. (Green Set)

He is the only "new" color Micro Knight in Microman21 Series.  Romando originally intended him to be a reproduction of MC10 Platinum Micro Knight but the figure color came out much difference than the original so they decided to give him a new designation.

MicroKnight Story

(translated from NetZeroZero Paper).

Microman Police Keeper build MicroKnight to fight against the new enemy - Satan Ardens, using the Mini-Robotman as a prototype design.   MicroKnight are not Microman but rather an android.  The body of MicroKnight is coated with special Nitrate compounds which were a naturally occurring substance on Micro-Earth.  The special coating allowed the MicroKnight to withstand Arden's Chest Bomber attack without suffer serious damage.  The MicroKnights are the same size as the Microman and share the same 5mm ports system, so they can used Microman weapons such as the Police Keeper's Pulsar Wave Energy Gun and the Police Keeper Shield.   When the Pulsar Gun is used by MicroKnight, the energy came from inside the android's internal reactor furnace core and then channel through the backpack which made the beam three times more powerful than the normal Police Keeper Pulsar Gun.

 MC13 Green Micro Knight. (Green Set)

MC1-MC3 Prototype unit, design base on the Mini Robotman.

MC4-MC6 Test Type used by Microman Command as a battle test unit.

MC7 Special Operation Type.  Used special experimental enchantment circuitry to enable "stealth" mode.  Also have special "Stealth-Nitrate Compound coating for stealth operations.  Partner of M165 Stealth Command2 Microman.


MC8 Silver Micro Knight. (Blue Set) & MC11 Blue Micro Knight (Blue Set)

MC 9 Gold Micro Knight. (Orange Set)

MC8-MC13 Operational Type.  Build by Rescue Area of CRIM Secret Base.  The MC8-MC10 were built first then MC11-MC13 were added to combat the growing threat of Satan Arden.

MC12 Orange Micro Knight (Orange Set)

Vintage Micro Knight figures were one of the most sought after Microman figures especially the last three members of the series - MC11, MC12 & MC13 which were sold in limited numbers back in 1977.

Romando Microman 21

Released : March 1997

Retail Price : 5000 Yen


Blue Set

Orange Set

Green Set

Romando sold Micro Knight in three separate box sets - green with MC7 & MC13, blue with MC8 & MC11 and orange with MC9 & MC12


Micro Knights come in a clear blue with silver glitter Police Keeper case.


Beside the matching color Police Keeper Shield, each MicroKnight also comes with a set of Pulsar Wave Energy Gun and Energy Backpack.

Micro Knight design was inspired by certain protocol droid named C3PO.