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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Microman Spy Magician M131, M132, M133 and M134 (08/1997)



In 1997, Romando released the most anticipated set of Microman 21: the SpyMagician.  This is because both Spy Magician, the M13X and M14X series, were not in the 1980 New Microman line so it have been 21 years since the last edition of Spy Magician were produced.  Romando reproduced Takara M131, M132, M133, and M134 and sold them in an individual box instead of box set like previous reissued set.

Romando Microman21 M132 Dan

The box is a reproduction of the 1976 Spy Magician box with small changes. Each Spy Magician comes with three wands, three bracelets and L-connector that match the colors of their shin guards & pelvic. Romando, overall, did a great job in reproducing these much sought after Microman figures.  The main problem is the head part which lost most of the details.  Some figures also have bad leg connector which prevent them from fully bend their legs. Spy Magicians are to be the last Microman21 reproduction to be produced by Romando.

Wand: Teleportation device to help expedites spy activity.

Bracelet: By altering the ESP wave randomly it allow the Spy-Magicians to communicate with 5 other members simultaneously without interference by Acroyear.  The bracelet also maximize the ESP power of Microman to allow him to use United Will.

United Will: by utilizing bracelet ESP function combine with the teleport wand, the SpyMagician can merge his psyche with another Microman. For this reason untrained Microman is excluded from wearing the SpyMagician Bracelet.

Romando M133 Danny

Spy Magician M13X

M131 Dick - Spy Expert.  Leader of the SpyMagician.

M132 Dan - Smart, has an ability to decipher code, always takes initiative in risky mission.  Waiting his rotation as SpyMagcian leader. 

M133 Danny - Very meticulous, superb marksmanship and an explosive expert.

M134 David - Easy going, love to nap, but always manage to acquire useful information.


Romando M131 Dick

Net Zero Zero Square Vol.5 also mention a secret Spy Magician named M132D Dan Dash - he supposed to be Spy Magician working as Dan's decoy, even other Microman doesn't know about his existence.  He can be spot by a distinctive shin guards.

Romando M134 David

According to Microman4U web site, Takara did released an alternated color M132 Dan (which Romando Microman21 designated him as M132D Dan-Dash) as a premium limited edition figure in 1978.  M132D is a red Spy Magician M132 but with black pelvic and shin guards instead of the usual white.  According to Microman 4 U.

Takara also released M133 Danny Dash - a limited edition M133 with brown/gold pelvic and shin guards.   There were also two other premiums - gold plated version of M131 Dan and gold plated version of M134 David.

Romando Microman 21

Released : August 1997

Retail Price : 1500 Yen

Unlike the previous Microman21, Romando decided to sell Spy Magician in an individual box. The box is a facsimile of the original Spy Magician box sold in 1976.


M132 & M134 come with white L-connector and three sets of Spy Bracelets & Magic Wands.

M133 comes with orange L-connector and M131 comes with a black one.