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Microman 21 Series

Romando Microman 21 - Microman Spy Magician Special Set (08/1997)



In 1997, Romando released the Special Spy Magician Set which will be the last of the Microman21 box set.  This set consists of two Microman21s: M135 Dural & M136 Dyson.   The window box was made to resemble the old Microman-Zone style box.   M135 Dural color scheme is very similar to a prototype M13X shown in early Spy Magician booklet and catalog (from 1975).  Romando probably chose the description for him because he was shown in the original Spy Magician booklet and catalog training other Microman in the art of Spy Magician.  


Front & back view of Microman21  Special Set Box

M136 is the only SpyMagician to have gold plated chest and head.  He is also the only other M13X SpyMagician to sport white hands and cuffs.  (The other one being his counterpart; M130 Dio).  Dyson also comes with matching set of gold plated wands and bracelets.


M135 Dural & M136 Dyson

M135 Dural - Created training curriculum for other Microman as MCIA Trainer.  When MCIA was absorbed into CRIM (Rescue Secret Base) he went to works at GLFT Training department.  

M136 Dyson - generous, sincere and popular among other Microman (he is the opposite of M130 Dio).  He works at the Education department of SHED.  He is the best friend of M132 Dan.

Romando Microman 21

Released : August 1997

Retail Price : 5000 Yen

The figures come package in replica of the 1975 Spy-Magician box.  The set also come with Zero Zero Paper Vol. 5 which give a brief history of M13X series and biography of each member.


M135 Dural comes with three sets of wands and bracelets and a black "L" connector

M136 Dyson comes with three sets of gold wands and bracelets and a white "L" connector