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2001 Replica Microman Series - SAS Series

SAS (Server-space Attack Service) 03 H72X Type Micro Hoodman - WCC Exclusive (12/01) 


SAS03 came in smoke clear Hoodman style capsule instead of the usual smoke clear New Microman style SAS capsule.

SAS Checklist

SAS01 M13X Spy Magician

SAS02 M14X Spy Magician

SAS03 H72X Hoodman

SAS Robotman

SAS-SS Robotman*

*Yujin gashapon Robotman 

Takara released the third SAS Microman figure in December of 2001 as another WCC toys show exclusive.  SAS03 was a Micro Hooman (H72X type) done in the now familiar gray and dark chrome SAS scheme.

SAS 03 came in smoke clear Micro Hoodman/Police Keeper style capsule case with SAS logo.  SAS 03 came with all black H72X type Hoodman armor with dark chrome backing and smoke clear wing.   Unlike the two previous SAS figures, SAS03 did not come with the guns or figure stand accessories.

Takara retooled the mold slightly and gave SAS Hoodman the hollow-out eyes that were missing in the Replica version of H72X and the wing was fix so it would fit snugly onto the Hood armor 5mm peg.