VOL. 14


 Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 14


Super Imaginative Chogokin Series 

Vol. 14 Masked Rider I & Cyclone


Original Release Date - April 2002

Original Release Price - 7140 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - Reissued in 2004

Bandai released Masked Rider 1 & Cyclone set in April of 2002. This was the 14th releases of the regular edition S.I.C. The set was the third vehicle for S.I.C. line and the first to come from the Masked Rider series. As with other S.I.C releases, both the Cyclone and Kamen Rider 1 were sculpted based on reimagined versions of the classic designs. S.I.C. Cyclone design was influenced by the original artwork of Mr. Ishinomori with the bulky body look. The bike had super detailing and even included a compartment to store extra Rider's helmet. The bike was constructed mostly from PVC with some ABS plastic and was nicely painted. Being part of Bandai "Chogokin" toy, the bike had some die-cast parts but like other S.I.C. releases they were mostly used as decorative ornaments. One of the design I find rather nice was the die-cast part on the bike gas tank that was designed as interface port for Masked Rider 1's Typhoon Henshin Belt. The bike came with clear plastic stand so it can be display in dynamic "in-motion" pose. There was also die-cast bike kickstand that can be used to display the bike in park mode. Another nice added addition for the bike was die-cast Masked Rider emblems which can be removed and replaced with Shocker emblems so you can get Shocker version of Cyclone for Shocker Rider.

While the main attraction for this set was clearly the Cyclone bike, the figure that came with the set however was not just fixed pose afterthought Rider figure but actually a very nicely sculpt with the detail you expected from S.I.C. series. Stared with the release of Volume 11 (Sidecar & Kikaida) Bandai had added more articulations to S.I.C. figures. Since the S.I.C series was originally conceived as fixed pose "statue" figures to preserve the artistic rendering so care was taken to hide most of the joints on these later "full actions" style S.I.C. figures. The sculpting was well done and typical of S.I.C. styling with more hard edge looks for the character and new take on this classic character. The design was similar to the previous Masked Riders released for S.I.C. line but without the removable chest and with added articulations. Vol. 14 Masked Rider 1 was based on Old Type Masked Rider 1 and the design was clearly inspired again by Ishinomori's manga drawing and his early conceptual design works of Masked Rider. The figure retained much of the designs from early S.I.C. Masked Rider released such as movable mouth that reveal human face under the helmet, clear lens for eyes with honeycomb underlying and die-cast Henshin belt with clear part for the "fan" buckle. The figure came with two additional pairs of hands that can be interchanged with the grip hands. The figure overall was well constructed but the joints seem to be a little loose and I don't quite understand why Bandai decided to split the body in half which gave the figure somewhat loose and rattle feeling when one pick up the figure. The paint job overall was very well done with nice highlight using dry brush and black washed to bring out the subtle details. 

This set is highly recommended for any Masked Rider fans who doesn't mind the "Imaginative" bits. Both Cyclone and Rider 1 had the feel of the manga style so if you enjoy the manga style figures then you probably will enjoy this set and unlike the early releases of S.I.C. figures, Rider 1 & Cyclone set has enough articulations that will make the set more than just a static statue piece.