Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 19



Super Imaginative Chogokin Series

Vol. 19 Masked Rider AGITO

Original Release Date - June 2003

Original Release Price - 3670 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - currently OOP


Bandai released S.I.C. Vol.19 Masked Rider Agito in June of 2003. This was the second set since S.I.C. Vol.13 Kuuga to feature Kamen Rider characters from the TV recent shows. (Agito aired in 2001 as sort of a sequel to Kamen Rider Kuuga series).  While Agito's original design was based largely on Kuuga, S.I.C. version of Agito on the other hand took different approach from the S.I.C. version of Kuuga. S.I.C. Agito had more of the bulky heavily "armored" Masked Rider, instead of slim and agile insect-like look of S.I.C. Kuuga. The figure even came with added padded thigh "armor" pieces to make the lower section more proportion to the top. The only problem was the add on armor for the legs had tendency to fall off and the only way to secure them is to use double sided tape. Agito, like Kuuga, had multiple forms that he can changed into and Vol.19 came with additional armors to change him from his basic Ground Form (Gold) into the two alternate forms - Flame (Red) and Storm (Blue). (Also by combining the three armors one can also made Agito Trinity Form. The set also came with Flame Saber and Storm Halberd weapons for these alternate modes, both of which were made from die-cast. While the used of die-cast gave these weapons nice heavy feel, they also made posing with them very difficult. Agito's alternate forms, unlike Kuuga, were very similar in designs so to make up for this, Bandai had included additional torso and part to convert Agito into the female version (Yumina Agito).

Overall, Vol.19 Masked Rider Agito was a solid addition to the S.I.C. series. The new "bulk-up" design was a bit of a change from the previous slim insect-like appearances of other S.I.C. Masked Riders. This new bulky, heavily "armored" looks would continued on with the later S.I.C. Masked Rider Ryuki series. The figure had decent articulations and the overall joints and fits were decent (with the only problem being the thigh padded armor pieces). Keep in mind S.I.C. style figures are more like poseable statues than action-figures and they were made to be pose to your liking and put on display rather than repeatedly "play" and fiddle with.


AGITO flame & storm form

AGITO trinity