Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 02



Super Imaginative Chogokin Series - Kikaider 00

Vol. 02 Bijinder (Bijinda)

Original Release Date - Dec. 1998

Original Release Price - 3360 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - Reissued in 2002 as part of Bandai Studioworks line for the USA market.


Bandai released S.I.C. Vol.02 Bijinder in December of 1998 along with Vol.01 Kikaider as the debut figures to this then brand new collectible line. Like Kikaider, the figure was very well crafted with excellent paint job but was more like statue than a real action-figures. Bijinder came with several accessories including her harp, her Angel's Hands, her hydrogen bomb (that store in her stomach) and black cat figurine (to decorate the base). Her chest can be opened to reveal her inner mechanical structure and to store her hydrogen bomb. The figure was sculpted in a dynamic pose but with very little articulations, though her pose was much better than the awkward looking stand of Kikaider. In the TV series Bijinder was female android (whose name means beautiful woman) send to destroy Kikaider 01, but she was later save by Kikaider and she decided to fight along side him and Kikaider 01. Bandai also released special Limited Edition "artist version" of this figure with different paint scheme along with "black version". I only recommended this figure if you are die-hard fans of Kikaider and S.I.C. style figure, the only reason I even got this figure was because I found her on sale (for really cheap) along with Kikaider and Hakaider. (They were left over stocks of Bandai Studioworks releases on clearance).