Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 23



Super Imaginative Chogokin Series

Vol. 23 Masked Rider Ryuki

Original Release Date - May 2004

Original Release Price - 4200 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - current release


Bandai released S.I.C. Vol.23 Masked Rider Ryuki set in June of 2004. Vol.23 was the first in the S.I.C. series to feature character from Masked Rider Ryuki (means Dragon Knight) TV show. S.I.C. version of Ryuki was a slight departure from the others in the series. Ryuki was more heavily armor (which was in keeping with the knight theme of the show) instead of the often skinny insect look of the previous S.I.C. Masked Rider figures. The basic core body was very well design with many articulation joints that were very well hidden. The body also had good amount of die-cast and this really added to overall look of the figure. Vol.23 was one of the convertible set and Ryuki can be changed into his "Survive" mode. Bandai included all new parts for the Survive version of Ryuki and used only the core body so the figure look great in both modes, which made for interesting dilemma of what version of Ryuki to display in. The sculpting was well done with nice features like flip-open visor (molded in clear PVC and painted over so one can slightly made out the eyes feature behind the visor). Other standard S.I.C. features like die-cast henshin belt (complete with removable Vent Box) and clear eye lens were all present. Beside the convertible option,  the set came with full size Dragreder monster figure with various parts that can be removed and used by Ryuki as weapons just like in the TV show. The Drag-Saber sword was done in die-cast, while I do like the die-cast weapon, the weight was a little too much for the ball joint hand and made it hard to pose. There was some fit problem with the pelvic armor which tend to fall off easily. It would have been better if the piece would have a small peg to plug into the body instead of snap on type which never seem to work well with PVC material. The paint job was another minor gripe, while the figure look great overall the head area had many poor paint applications.  These minor complain aside, S.I.C. Ryuki is probably one of the best figures from the S.I.C. series and I can highly recommend to any Kamen Rider aficionado.