Super imaginative chogokin VOL. 25




Super Imaginative Chogokin Series

Vol. 25 Alternative Zero & Masked Rider Ryuga

Original Release Date - September 2004

Original Release Price - 4725 Yen

Materials - ABS, PVC & die-cast metal

Scale - Approximately 1/10 (7" figure)

Availability - current released


Bandai released S.I.C. Vol.25 Alternative Zero & Masked Rider Ryuga set in September of 2004. Vol.25 was the third in the S.I.C. series to feature characters from Masked Rider Ryuki (means Dragon Knight) TV show. This set was another twin-pack and came with two completed figures - S.I.C. versions of Alternative Zero and Masked Rider Ryuga. Ryuga was slightly retool of the previously released S.I.C. Vol.23 Ryuki figure. (Ryuga was the anti-hero Mirror World version of Masked Rider Ryuki).  The set did not include the monster Black Dragreder but the set did come with Drag Visor and Drag Saber. While Ryuga was a nice figure with very striking paint job of black and silver, the main attraction for this set was Alternative Zero. Alternative Zero was not part of the Masked Riders but a duplicate system build by Dr. Kagawa using technology stolen from Kanzaki (Kanzaki was responsible for creating Advent Card sets and the Masked Riders). Zero's design was based on cricket monster and being copy of Masked Rider system, he retained some similarity to the Masked Riders. The figure was very well sculpted with very nice details throughout. However, like other S.I.C. figures from Kamen Rider Ryuki series, the design was less "imaginative" than the early S.I.C. and was more closely resemble the original design from the TV show. Alternative Zero came with his sword weapon molded in PVC and die-cast metal. He came with his Slash Visor unit  that attached to his right forearm.  The figure was painted in dark gray color with nice blue and gold highlight.  The set was nice addition to the series, if a little uninspiring. While addition of supporting character like Alternative Zero and Ryuga was very welcoming, the set lacked some of the excitement of the other S.I.C. Ryuki series releases. This could be because Ryuga was just a repainted and there was not much to Alternative Zero aside from nice sculpting. 

Masked Rider Ryuga