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 MicroArchive - Replica Series

2001 Replica Microman Series

Yujin SAS-SS Robotman (gashapon) - WCC Exclusive (12/01) 


SAS-SS Robotman came inside black gashapon egg capsule with tent package to hold the egg capsule.  The package also had "Background of Servo System" story in English.  (well, sort of)

"Analyzing Support System which was newly introduced by SSS reconstructed Robot Man as the mechanism which will be able to support Special Mission.  And it made Robot Man to be downsized depending on the different circumstances.  This system will perform another develop form that previous Robot Man 2 never had before and the feed back of the data was made when they developed the Rescue Servo System"

Yujin sold special repaint version of their gashapon Robotman as WCC toy show exclusive.  The PVC Robotman was repaint as the upcoming SAS (Server-space Attack Service) Robotman version.   Yujin and Takara gave gashapon background story to fit the figure into Microman lore.  The gashapon Robotman was dubbed SS Robotman or Servo System Robotman.   According to the package SS Robotman was reconstructed Robotman using technology develope from the Rescue Servo System.  The Servo System allowed Robotman to be able to decrease in size (hence the gashapon size) and allowed Robotman to perform Special Mission. 

SAS-SS Robotman was simply repaint of last year Yujin gashapon Robotman.  SAS-SS Robotman was done in semi-translucent smoke with balck body and metallic gray hands, chest cockpit and head.  The chest panel can be removed to reveal Microman inside. (All black Microman M11X)