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about this star wars section...


this section on microforever is homage to star wars toys as the series finally hit the big 30!interestingly it was collecting star wars toys back in 1995 in that lead me to the rediscovery of microman toys.  my star wars collecting these days is limited to just a few series and whatever strike my fancy.







a long time ago....


in 1977, a small toy company called kenner, produced action-figure toys line for  star wars movie.  the toys became an instant hit even before the product hit the store shelves (kenner was selling "early bird" card board redemption kit because the toys were not ready for christmas of 1977).  by late 1980's, star wars toys faded into memory and the toys were mostly forgotten.  in 1995 kenner (now a subsidiary of hasbro) revived star wars series with new star wars toys and the line help bring about toys collecting mania of the late 90's.


luke and leia from early bird kit "remake" from 2005


in 2004, when the original star wars trilogy was finally released on dvd, hasbro marketed new series of star wars toys called "the original trilogy collection" to tie in with the dvd event.   to recreated the original trilogy feel, hasbro even issued a new premium line of star wars figures sold on the vintage style cards.  the new premium line (called the "vintage series" because of the card design) uses modern toys production techniques to give these new figures realistic looks and super-articulated features (something star wars figures are not known for).  in 2005 hasbro recreated the early bird campaign promotion by selling remake of vintage star wars early bird kit to commemorate the release of episode III movie.  the vintage series makes a return by popular demand in 2006 with more figures and the line appears to be on-going with more "vintage" figures coming in 2007. (the line went on hiatus for three years and return as full fledge line in 2010)


this section will focus on this new "vintage" super-articulated (by star wars standard) figures and on occasion also some other star wars toys that I find interesting.


Star Wars is copyright of Lucas Film LTD, this site is a fan site and is done for informational purpose only.

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