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Microman LED Power Series
L-07 Microman Super Satake (12/23/1999)


Super Satake package.


Microman Super Satake came with special weapon call Micronunchaku-K.




Takara released Microman Satake as limited run figure. (He was basically a short pack figure)  Satake is based on a real K-1 (Boxing) Champion Mr. Satake.  Microman Super Satake was basically a variation on Super Magne Power Microman body.  Super Satake comes with a special weapon call Micro-Nunchaku K.

Microman Super Satake

Microman SuperSata-ke is a Microman clone from cell of karate expert Master Sata-ke who is secretly also a scientist researching Microman with Professor Akira Katagai and Professor Kohei.   He make a clone Super Microman body that can harness the power of Microsium Orange or Karatesium.  Using the cell from himself, he created Microman SuperSatake.  SuperSatake wield a powerful weapon call Micronunchaku-K that can knockout Acroyear with just one blow.   He move with amazing speed and can calculated all his opponents move.