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1976 Microman Series

Microman T43X Titan 2 - T431 Deimos and T432 Regulus (c.1976)


Titan 2


T431 Deimos and T432 Regulus


Takara released Titan 2 Series T43X Type and T44X in October  of 1976. Titan 2 as the name suggested is the follow up series to the very successful Magnemo-8 Microman Titan series introduced in 1975. Titan 2 series is the first Titan to include "vehicle" conversion parts as the accessories for the action-figure. They were among the first "transformable" Microman figure along with the President Acroyear series (also released during the same year). Titan 2 were retailed for 750 Yen which in 1976 was quite a bit more than the regular Microman figure.


Racing Titan Accessories are both Magnemo-8 and 5mm compatibles


Unlike the other Microman, Titan 2 are somewhat unique in that they are the only Microman figure in the original line with two different designation (T43X and T44X) but share the exact same body type.  Titan 2, instead, are differentiated by the accessories that come with each figure. T43X come with race car parts and are dubbed the "Racing Titans" while T44X come with saucer spaceship parts and are dubbed the "UFO Titans".  T43X include T431 Deimos and T432 Regulus.  Like previous Titan series, Titan 2 use the same naming convention by having the figure named after celestial objects.  Titan 2 series is more robotic looking than the first Titan and the design clearly reflect those of the 2nd series Microman such as the M11X and M12X style.  Like M11X and M12X the chest plated "Henshin Cyborg" legacy is abandon and replaced with slim body and more angular and robotic like appearance. Titan 2 head design has "duck-like" mouth piece and fans gave them the nickname "Ducky Titans".

T431 Deimos has yellow body molded in one piece with magnetic core enclosed in the center. Deimos has black legs that match his black race car chassis. The wheels and engine are molded in white color. T432 Regulus has blue body with red legs. He comes with red race car chassis with engine and wheels parts molded in black. Both vehicle accessories come with 5mm peg that can be clip into the race car rear wing spoiler and allow Microman figure to ride on top when the Titan 2 are in their race car mode. Titan 2 were not as popular as the first Titan series but they are still one of the more sought after Titan figures in Microman and Magnemo-8 line.

Titan 2 Racing Titan T43X

Titan Brain and sensor (#1 & #2)

Magnetic Globe - enable Titan to break apart their bodies and reattach them at will. (#3)

Photon Energy Gathering Device - trap photon energy but unlike Microman, Titan  have Magnetic Converter that convert Photon Energy into magnetic energy. (#4 & #5)

The Second Titans


Titan 2 are friends of the first Titan.  They were revived and comes to defend Earth against Acroyear using their magnetic power that allow them to transform into super vehicles.  (Note: only UFO Titan appeared in the original Microman manga)


Titan 2 Checklist

T43X Type T431 Deimos Racing Titan (Black)
T432 Regulus Racing Titan (Red)
T44X Type T441 Icarus UFO Titan (Blue)
T442 Achilles UFO Titan (Red)



Microman Titan 2 Series

T43X Racing Titans

Released : 10/1976

Retail Price : 750 Yen





T431 and T432 packaging are similar to the first Titan series with yellow and green color. The box is however much larger to accommodate the include accessories. The box is adorn with many logos (typical of Takara Microman packaging in early 1970s) including the familiar Microman blue logo, Titan logo, Titan emblem and Takara company logo.




The figure and accessory are packaged inside a styrofoam tray. The back of the packaging show the toy transformation feature with Microman Spy Magician riding on top of the vehicle.  The box also shows the UFO Titan series and diagram instruction on how to transform the toy.


Instruction & Stickers

Each toy comes with sticker sheet to decorate both action-figure and the "race" car parts. The stickers are identical in designs but with different colors. (The sticker sheet for T432 unfortunately had gone missing from my collection, however T431 sample I have, came with stickers already applied and can be seen in the pictures.)


Titan 2 catalog have two "covers", one for Racing Titan and one for UFO Titan.


Magnemo-8 Series


Microman Titan Series is also part of Magnemo-8 series of toys produced by Takara in 1970's. Magnemo system used magnet and ball joints. The larger size figures are Magnemo-12. (The numbers are the diameter size of the metal ball).