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 Special Edition U-Borg

M-2000 Parallel Junction Kit  

M-000 Micro-wing 10 with CD

M-001LJ Burst Wing

M-001LY Laser Wing

Factory M U-Borg (1999)

M-001 Micro-wing 10W 

M-002 Micro-wing 20W

M-003 Power Burst 

M-004 Unitshell Laser

M-005 Power Breaker 

M-006 ????

M-007 ????

M-008 Twin Bomble

M-009 ????

M-010 Power Sword

M-011 ????

M-012 Power Scope 

M-013 ????

M-014 ????

M-015 ????

M-016 ????

M-017 ????

M-018 ????

M-019 ????

M-020 ????

M-021 ????

U-BORG: Power-Up Attachments for Microman by Factory M (Media Factory) (c.1999)

Takara licensed Microman property for various merchandised, but the most interesting one to most Microman collectors was the U-Borg Series produced by a company call Media Factory.  The U-Borg were school stationary supplies (pen, ruler etc) that double as power-up attachments for Microman.  Can you imagine being a kid and able to take a Microman to school along with all his power-up units disguise as your school supplies in case Acroyers launch a surprise attack on your school.   U-Borg is probably one of the best accessory licensed by Takara.  The name U-Borg came from the old Microman toys the Uniquer which were magnetic toys that functioned as school supplies.

According to the package and BomBom comic book, the U-Borgs are supposed to be power-up weapons and equipment develop for Microman by a secret U-Borg Laboratory code name Factory M (stand for Media Factory if you didn't get it).  What make U-Borg really cool is that, they have many 5mm connectors and ports as a mean to attach the power-up unit to Microman. By using 5mm ports and connectors U-Borg can be used with the old Microman toys, not only the vintage Microman action-figures but also the vehicles and bases and they are fully customizable.  There were 21 U-Borg power-up units originally plan by Media Factory plus a few variations.  Each U-Borg came package in a very nicely design small cardboard box, and also includes a collectible data card about each U-Borg.  Media Factory canceled the remaining unreleased U-Borg (M-006, M-007, M-009, M-011 and M-013 to M-021) in 2000.  

At the end of 1999, Media Factory produced a special limited edition U-Borg Starter Kit call Parallel Junction M-2000.  This box set contains 18 of the various U-Borg units plus special gold version of M-004 UnitShell Laser along with 2 U-Borg schematic drawing and U-Borg Lab Secret File containing U-Borgs Combination units by U-Borg Lab.

 U-Borg Lab Secret File