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1982 New Microman


1982 New Microman Series

Acroyear Series AcroSatan - SatanBlack, SatanRed & SatanBlue (c.1982)



AcroSatan - SatanRed, SatanBlack and SatanBlue

Takara released AcroSatan figures in May of 1982. The figures were retail for 750 Yen each. AcroSatans were the 2nd Acroyears series to be released for New Microman and sadly they were also the last of the Acroyears to come out for the original line.  There were three variants of AcroSatans - Satan Red, Satan Black and Satan Blue each got their names from the color of their armors. 



SatanBlack with missile launcher

AcroSatan is one of the more unique Acroyears to be released.  The figure body is not make from plastic but rather they are rubber bendy type figures that were quite popular back in the early 80's. The bendable body is done in fluorescent glow-in-the-dark green and meant to represent the soft inner body of the crustacean-like design of AcroSatan.  The removable body armor then snap on via the 5mm port (yes, these guys have 5mm port just like other Microman figures).  The head and claw hands are chromed plastic that insert into the body via a small peg.  Each figure also come with set of three chrome missiles that can be launch via spring-loaded mechanism in the chest armor.  A long (and somewhat fragile looking) lance weapon is also included with each figure and can be hold in the claw hand or more commonly attach to the back of the armor via 2.5mm peg.


AcroSatan without the armors

SatanBlack's armor set

AcroSatan crab-like armor is one of the more interesting parts of the series.  The armor set comes in four pieces, the two front and back body armors and two snap on leg armors.  The design is clearly from the 1980's era which at the time was heavily into body suit and the power armor look.  The dome part split into two pieces and flip up to reveal the red cyclops-eye head.  In the manga and some early sketch, AcroSatan can be mount into mechanized walker and the dome head would act as the walker eye section.

AcroSatan Story 

AcroSatans came from another dimension and intended to destroy all life-forms on Earth, but they were stopped by MicroBorg and Microman.  AcroSatans are very cruel, inhumane, merciless even when one compare them to the Acroyears.

SatanRed holding the lance weapon



Acroyear Series


Released : 5/1982

Retail Price : 750 Yen



AcroSatan comes in styrene tray and colorful blue grid scheme box typical of New Microman series. The figures are differentiated via small sticker on top of the box that denote the color of the figure inside (in Japanese kanji). 


Instruction & Insert


The toy comes with full color catalog that also double as bio and instruction sheet.  A small sticker sheet is also included with each figure for figure decoration.




AcroSatan have typical chrome head of most Microman figure, but with painted on metallic red color eye. Along with the New Acroyears, they are the only two Acroyear series to have painted head.



SatanBlue (Back view) 

AcroSatan does not have 5mm port on the armor instead it has 2.5mm port for the lance.



Modern Inspiration?

AcroLady AL-52 AcroSpiria 

The crab armor design of AcroSatan is pretty unique among Microman toys. In 2006, Takara released AcroSpiria which seems to take some of the design cue from the old AcroSatan.  However, that said it could be just coincidence since the shell-like armor is not uncommon in Japanese manga and anime.


Glyos System Series by Onell

The Crayboth by Onell Design also remind me a lot  of the AcroSatans, though I am not sure if they are Matt's inspiration.