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Micro Heritage

Bandai Full-Action Series - Beta Midget 2.0


Astro Midget

Beta Midget Series


Version 1.0
Beta Midget






Burn JF-001

Crusta JV-001

Torque JB-001


Version 1.5

Alternate Colors of 1.0


Version 2.0
Beta Midget

Salamander Type 2


Early Type (3 versions)



Alahabaki JA-001

Orb JE-001

Thrust II - JBS-001


Version 2.5

Alternate Colors of 2.0


Version 3.0

Beta Midget

Female Salamander

Female Undine

Female Gnome

Undine Type 2








Beta Midget Box Set

Beta Midget Official Book

Early Type




Salamander Type 2

Version 2.0


Bandai released Version 2.0 of Beta Midget around April of 2003. 2.0 consisted of five Midget figures and three Jackets. The figures were new version of Salamander (dubbed Type 2), a new character named Undine who represent the water elemental and three Beta Midgets in their "Early Types" designs. Salamander Type 2 featured red and orange color Midget figure with new mold of Salamander's head and Undine was a new Beta Midget with white and blue colors scheme. The three Early Types used the same basic body as the standard Midgets but with different arms, hands and heads.  The striking parts about the Early Types were the facts that these Midgets were all wearing helmets and came with translucent chest pieces. The two Jackets, Alahabaki  and Thrust II were made for Salamander Type 2 and Orb Jacket was for Undine.

Beta Midget Series 2.0

Beta Midget toys were sold in vending machine (gashapon toys) and came inside plastic shell.


Beta Midget Early Type


There were three versions of Early Type Beta Midgets. (Only two are shown above, the third one can be seen on index page)






Midgets & Jackets

Salamander Type II with his two new Jackets (top Alahabaki and bottom Thrust II)

Undine with Orb Jacket

Alahabaki JA-001 in vehicle mode