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Micro Archive - Replica Microman Series

Japan Robot Lab Exclusive Choro Q Bus - #1 Cyborg Bus (4/28/01) #2 Microman Bus (5/2/01) and #3 Robotman Bus (6/10/01)


Japan Robot Lab Choro Q buses came package in small window box with logo sticker.  In 2001, Takara replaced small plastic baggy with small window box as packaging for Choro Q cars.

*** Special Thank to Bill M. for these Choro Q buses ***


Takara released three, especially decorated, Choro Q busses, as Japan Robot Laboratory exclusive.  The first and second bus was sold during the opening of Japan Robot Lab store in April/May of 2001 and the third bus was sold in June 2001.

Choro Q is a line of deform pull-back toy cars produced also by Takara.  Choro Q cars was introduced back in the late 70's during the super-car craze.  Choro Q cars are about the size of Hot Wheel or Matchbox car but with deform body.  These little deform cars came with pull-back motor and also slot for the coin in the back of the car so they can perform a wheelie.  Choro Q was sold briefly in the US during mid 1980's as Penny Racer.   Choro Q line has been going strong since it's introduction and still going strong today.  Today, Takara offered wide range of Choro Q cars from standard type to super kit type and collectibles type such as these Choro Q buses.

Choro Q bus would be the third Microman Choro Q toys released by Takara.  The first set was Neo Stealth Vehicles released in 1998 as Toys R Us Exclusive and the second set was Cyborg Lab Special Make Stealth Vehicle Collection released in 1999.

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Bus #1 features Neo Cyborg logo

Bus #2 features Microman logo

Bus #3 features Robotman logo