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2001 Replica Microman Series

Hyper Hobby Exclusive Crystal Robotman (11/01) 


Hyper Hobby Exclusive Crystal Mode Robotman


Crystal Robotman came with the same sticker sheet and instruction as the Reissue Robotman.


Crystal Robotman came with clear head which exposed the newly mold inner head machinery.


Crystal Mode (or Clear Mode) Robotman was offered by Hyper Hobby Magazine as a mail-away premium.  Takara shipped the toy out at the end of November (slightly ahead of the December shipping date).

Crystal Robotman was beautifully done.  The entire toy was done in clear plastic including the head part and the claw hands. Takara even took an extra step and mold inner head machinery part which made the Crystal Robotman really look like it belong as part of the Henshin Cyborg line.

Crystal Robotman came in the same package box as the reissue Robotman toy but with sticker of Crystal Robotman (nicely done in the old catalog picture style) replaced the package picture.

Takara did an excellent job with this rather expensive re-paint.  Crystal Robotman is definitely a must have if you like Robotman or Biotron.  Crystal Robotman was the sixth color variants of this venerable toy design (including Mego Phobos and Cosmobot). Takara plan to release the seventh variation - the SAS Robotman at Tokyo Super Festival toy show in January 2002.

Crystal Robotman (shown here with Clear Mode M124 Max)