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Neo Henshin Cyborg: Walder Invaders

Walder Aliens : O, Z, & J

Walder Invader - Alien O

Walder Invader - Alien Z

Walder Invader - Alien J

Takara in 1998, released a "replica" set of the much sought after Alien Invaders from the original Cyborg line.  The new Walder Aliens however are not the 8" fully articulated doll but rather a 10" vinyl dolls with limited articulations.  While these vinyl dolls were very nicely produced, they disappointed many collectors who long to own the rare fully articulate Cyborg Aliens Invaders.  (though we might see them with Takara current plan of reissue the original Henshin Cyborg from 1970's).   Walder Invaders were simply call O, Z & J.  They are army invader of the evil Walder (or Waruder) race.   For more details information please keep checking Randall Barker's Robot City site soon to be updated with all the information on both the vintage and Cyborg99.

Walder Aliens inner head.

Note: Takara also released a special limited edition of Alien Z (all white) as a mail-away premium.