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Microman 2003 Series

.COM (dot com) Microman - Takara Hobby Exclusive Lucky Draw Prize (10/03)


Microman 2003

Micro Force (5/03)

Commander Microman

Ninja Microman

Gunner Microman

Spy Microman


Limited Edition 

Commander Survive (8/3/03)

Wonder Festival Exclusive


Material Force (10/03)

Toys R Us  Exclusive

Microman Cloud (white)

Microman Rover (flesh)

Microman Core (Red)

Microman Obsidian (black)


.COM Microman (10/03)

Takara Hobby.com Exclusive


Tatsunoko Fight Microman (5/03)
Gachaman Microman

Casshan Microman

Polymer Microman

Tekkaman Microman

Volter Microman



Microman 2003 Lucky Draw Prize from Takara Hobby


The figures were send out in plastic baggie with Takara Hobby card.


Micro Force Story


Time has flown by since the birth of Microman in 1974. Now in 2003, he has returned to us in a new form. We entrust him to those who has a child's heart in order to explore the unforeseeable future.

.COM Microman was given out as lucky draw prize for participating in on-line survey at Takara Hobby.com website. The figure is essentially a dark metallic gray Commander Microman with red Takara Hobby logo imprinted on him.