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2000 Microman LED Power Series
L-21 Microman Laser Satake (8/24/2000)


Laser Satake package.  The catalog is similar to Secret Breast version but with Laser Satake story on the back side instead.  This seems to be Takara new practice of keeping the same basic catalog but the "story" section is specific to the particular toys it came with.


Laser Satake comes with red LED weapons and shields.

New Micronunchaku-K

Takarra released second version of Microman Satake as a Laser Microman.  Laser Satake is actually very nicely done in clear body with white shoulders, and legs.  He has silver color trim on his armor and red LED.   Since white and clear show up very poorly against white background, I have decided to break the format a little and displayed him against black backdrop instead.

Laser Satake comes with a complete weapon LED weapons & shields set and his signature weapon Micronunchaku-K.  Takara slightly alter Micronunchaku-K so it has a longer handles instead of the spike ends from the Super version. Laser Satake head is exactly the same as Super Satake version.

Laser Satake Story

K-1 Boxing Champion Master Satake who is also moonlighting as scientist for Katagai Lab created Microman Satake as a "Micro-clone" of himself.   Satake upgraded Microman Super Satake with LED Powers technology and thus born the more powerful Microman Laser Satake.   Using his modified Micro-nunchaku-K combines with LED Power he able to generate powerful "Cross Beam" ray.


 Microman Laser Satake



Satake Energy Backpack & Laser Satake performs his signature move the "Cross Beam"