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Neo Henshin Cyborg

Neo Cy-Protector Project

Cy-Protector Prototype

Cy-Protector Silver

Clear Neo Cy-Protector Prototype came in parts with different Neo Cyborg color.  By collecting all the regular issued variants, one can build a complete set of Cy-Protector outfit. The Cy-Helmet came with Yellow Cyborg, Cy-Breaster came with Silver Cyborg, Cy-Buckle came with Gold Cyborg, Cy-Boots came with Blue Cyborg and Cy-Gloves came with Red Cyborg. 

Takara sold Cy-Protector Suits as separate accessory for Neo Henshin Cyborg.  There are two version of Cy-Protector; Silver & Gold.  The outfit is exactly the same as the clear version that came with various Neo Cyborg but now they are painted and each set also come with a jump-suit (either silver or gold).  Special Thanks to Randall Barker for all the Cyborg information.

Cy-Helmet : Give Cyborg 3x power out put but cause severe Atomic Engine overload

Cy-Breaster : Allow Cyborg to "Zone Convert" (access another dimension) and "borrow" shock absorbers from Neo Nautilus base (where another Dimension Generator is interfaced) and protect Cyborg body from any attack.  Like Cy-Helmet it draws tremendous amount of energy and can easily overload Cyborg's Atomic Engine.

Cy-Buckle :  In order to reduce the over-load on Cyborg's Atomic Engine from Cy-Protectors equipments, Dr. Katagai developed "reverse-discharge" belt to cool down the Cyborg.  The belt can also be used to repel any heat attack.

Cy-Boots : Allows super speed of Mach 17 by means of "Cyber Linear Thrusters".   However as the speed increased so does the load on Atomic Engine.  The Boots also equip with adjustable Gravity Soles to allow Cyborg to walk at any angle of the surface.

Cy-Gloves : the last piece of armored developed in Neo Cy-Protectors Project. The Gloves give Cyborg 20X normal arm strength and come equip with cooling fins to reduce the load on Atomic Engine.

Neo Cy-Protector Suit, developed by Dr. Katagai allows Cyborg to operate in "Neo Henshin Mode" which let Cyborg body perform at its highest capacity and maximized all the power output.  However, Cyborg can only operated in this mode for only five minutes, if the atomic engine load-limit is exceeded the Cyborg will exploded!!

The Silver & Gold Cy-Protector Armor Suits are production units and have been refined by Katagai Neo Nautilus Lab.  The Silver is for land used and Gold for space battle.  The operating time limit has been greatly increased.


The outfit come package in window box.  It was originally displayed at Toy Fair as a blister card package much like the original vintage outfits for the Henshin Cyborg..