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Neo Henshin Cyborg
Exclusive and Premium


Toys R Us Exclusive : Gun Metal   Toys R Us Exclusive : Copper

Toys R Us released two set of exclusive Neo Cyborgs.  The first set was Gun Metal Cyborg which, of course, come in two version: A & B.  Both versions come with Giraffe Gun arm and a pair of smoke color version of Yellow Cyborg arm set.  (A: Chain Saw & Nerve Paralyzing Gun, B: Cutter Drill & Infrared Camera)

Cyber Giraffe Gun - a computer cuicuit that joined with that of Geoffrey the Giraffe at a subatomic level.  It can be used to signal and get help from all the Giraffe around the world. (hmm...that sound really useful).  

Neck Extension Kit - allow the arm to be extended up to 10 meters and can discharge powerful lightning from the horn-tips.  The radar hidden inside the Giraffe ears can detect the sound of mosquito in flight five kilometers away and it even pick up sensitive information about new items and sale at all Toys R Us Stores.

The second Toys R Us Exclusive are the Copper Cyborgs.  These came in four different versions : A, B, C & D.    A & B come with Giraffe Neck extension (which will fit the Giraffe Head Gun from Gun Metal Cyborg) and smoke version of arm set from the Silver Cyborg.  C & D come with Giraffe Helmet and also smoke version of arm set from Gold Cyborg.

Giraffe Visor - a specialize helmet developed with knowledge gain from the Cyber Giraffe Gun.  It allows the communication not with just giraffe but all wild animals and boost an extremly powerful information storage terminal for the Cyborg.  Also when equip with this helmet, Cyborg also gain 3000 times increase in the sensitivity of all senses.   One unconfirmed report is that it can automatically switches into "wild mode" when it detects a situation of absolute danger to the wearer. 

Takara Premium : Stealth Store Exclusive : PPFM

Left: PPFM Cyborg , Right : Stealth Cyborg

(Picture from Legend of Victory Mook magazine)

Stealth Cyborg was a special mail-away premium offer by Takara. 

Stealth Cyborg came with special clear versions of Chain Saw and Nerve Paralyzing Gun arm extension.

PPFM Cyborg was an exclusive Gold Cyborg with special head.  PPFM was sold at a men clothing store in Tokyo.  PPFM Cyborg  comes with a pair of jean, faux leather shirt, shoes and denim black jacket in a special flap window box.